The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 362 - This is a Set Up III

Chapter 362: This is a Set Up III
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There was growing anger in Feng Ruqing when she thought of this. It was like she had swallowed a lot of gunpowder and it almost exploded.
At first, Feng Ruqing disliked only Tang Luo.
The two elders of the Tang family were snobbish but it was normal. Feng Ruqing had no right to force others to sell the Five Spirit Grass to her.
But now…
She not only disliked the Tang family, but she also had a sudden urge to destroy the Tang family because of Tang Zi.
“Little girl, you’re being arrogant! You’re only a girl from the secular world. You have no right to humiliate our reclusive world.”
Tang Wu moved fast and soon he was above Feng Ruqing’s head.
He could see nothing and accept nothing. He fixed his cold eyes on Feng Ruqing. He smiled and sneered.
Feng Ruqing still remained calm under this strong pressure. She raised her eyes calmly. Her eyes seemed to be deep in thought.
‘Dark Warrior tier…
‘The elder from the Tang family is at Dark Warrior tier.’
“Stop!” Tang Yi was angry. He attacked Tang Wu with a palm directly.
Tang Si wanted to go and help but he was stopped by Tang Er.
Tang Luo saw that Tang Yi wanted to stop Tang Wu and his eyes soon darkened. He said, “Tang Yi, don’t you want to know where Tang Zi is now?”
Tang Luo said those words calmly and he successfully distracted Tang Yi for a second. When Tang Yi recovered his senses and he wanted to stop the attack but it was already too late.
Tang Wu’s attack soon fell on Feng Ruqing strongly.
Tang Wu still could not see any fear in Feng Ruqing up until that moment. It was just a fearless and sarcastic smile on her face.
Everybody in this world was afraid of death.
But, there was only a type of person who would never bow down even if they were going to die.
Tang Wu was stunned. He never thought that Feng Ruqing was that stubborn. But, she never should cling onto Young Master Nan Xian and destroy the Tang family’s arranged marriage.
Suddenly, a soft wind blew and Tang Yin turned her body toward Tang Wu. She hugged Feng Ruqing tightly and she looked pale. Her eyes were closed.
“Little Lady!”
Qian Ning was in time to see that dangerous scene when she reached there. There was deep fear in her eyes and she could not help but cry.
“Yin’er, run away faster!”
Tang Wu saw that Tang Yin chose to stand against his attack and he soon felt nervous. He shouted immediately, “Quickly go! Hurry!”
It was too late!
Tang Wu could not retract his attack.
There was deep fear in Tang Wu and he seemed quite pale.
All the others were anxious and in despair.
They thought that Tang Yin liked Feng Ruqing just a little bit because she had never made any friends.
This kind of feeling was only temporary and it would soon be forgotten.
So, they would choose to attack Feng Ruqing even though Tang Yin was present.
But, nobody could have guessed that Tang Yin would protect Feng Ruqing like that.
That was a love which was so strong that life was disregarded!
Suddenly, a white light emerged from Feng Ruqing’s body. It was like a halo and it covered the two of them in that light.
Tang Wu’s attack fell on the outside of that halo and rebounded. Tang Wu’s body was flung away and he fell onto the ground.
There was a seemingly holy light on the young girl’s face in the halo. She squatted down slightly and she hugged the little loli back.
Her hands were gentle and she patted Tang Yin’s back.
“It’s fine, Xiao Yin. We’re fine.”
Tang Yin’s body shook heavily. It seemed that she was frightened just now.