The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 363 - The Tang Family is Finished if She is Hurt

Chapter 363: The Tang Family is Finished if She is Hurt

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Although Tang Yin was so frightened that she might collapse any minute, she still chose to protect Feng Ruqing no matter what.
All the others were stunned but they subconsciously breathed a sigh of relief.
Tang Yin came from the Tang family and she was the hope of the Tang family’s future. So, she must live!
However, they saw that there was a blurry shadow in front of the halo when they calmed down.
The man wore white clothes and he was handsome. He had a cold aura about him and he looked like a clean and pure lotus.
There was a heavy silence in Tang Manor.
It was pin-drop silence.
All the others’ eyes fell on the blurry image in front of Feng Ruqing. There was deep fear in their eyes.
“Young Master Nan Xian?” Tang Luo was stunned. She did not know why Young Master Nan Xian was here.
No, it did not seem right. It was not the real Young Master Nan Xian but a mirage. Everybody understood now. But, even so, that image still represented Young Master Nan Xian.
That man seemed calm and serene. His beautiful voice was the voice of the devil now. All the people of the Tang family panicked.
“If I do not see Qing’er back home safe and sound in three days, I’ll kill the whole Tang family!”
He stopped talking for a while before continue talking. “I don’t want her to lose even one strand of hair. I know very well how much hair Qing’er has. I’ll count her hair when she’s back. If she loses even a strand of hair, the Tang family will cease to exist.”
Feng Ruqing kept quiet.
Tang Yin who was shaking just now also remained silent.
The whole of the Tang family did not know what to say.
Tang Yi was the first one to recover his senses. Although he was disappointed that Tang Yin could not be Nan Xian’s wife, it seemed that Tang Yin had found someone she loved. Moreover, the person she loved was Nan Xian’s woman.
Hence, Tang Yin would always be protected by them. It was not much different from what he had wished before.
Tang Yi could finally breathe a sigh of relief.
Nan Xian’s mirage disappeared after he finished talking.
Tang Luo stood there helplessly. He looked in the direction where the image of Nan Xian had just disappeared.
‘Is Feng Ruqing really Nan Xian’s woman?’
Tang Luo clenched his fist. He thought of that possibility. His facial expression worsened and it was an ugly sight.
But, he was not so daring as to want to attack Feng Ruqing again.
The Tang family had spent quite a lot of effort in order to make Tang Yin fall in love with Nan Xian. They had always talked about Nan Xian’s gentleness and kindness.
But, nobody knew about Nan Xian’s true characteristics.
They did not guess that Nan Xian was that cruel and cold just by looking at his handsome face.
Tang Wu was in despair and he was laying on the ground.
‘It’s over now. Feng Ruqing is really Nan Xian’s woman.
‘I… attacked Nan Xian’s woman just now.’
“This is a misunderstanding.” Tang Si wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead. He smiled and said, “Lady Feng, our Tang family did not mean that. It was done out of the provocation of others. We have misunderstood.”
Feng Ruqing raised her eyes. Her calm gaze fell on Tang Si.
“A misunderstanding?”
She raised her hand and a sword appeared out of the air in her hand.
The sword cut at Tang Si’s arm and the blood gushed out quickly.
Tang Si was a Dark Warrior now. Feng Ruqing would never beat him in a fight.
But, who was daring enough to want to attack Feng Ruqing now?
If she plucked out her hair intentionally and blamed it on the Tang family, Young Master Nan Xian would surely make the Tang family disappear from the face of the earth.
Tang Si decided to endure the pain as long as Feng Ruqing could release her anger.
Feng Ruqing stood up and her face showed no emotions. “My attack was a misunderstanding too. I hope that you won’t mind.”
She attacked again when she was finished talking.
Tang Si subconsciously avoided the attack this time. He did not want to endure another attack.
He was unable to avoid the attack when he saw that Feng Ruqing had opened her sleeve and was looking for her own hair.
Tang Si was so frightened that his body froze and did not dare to move an inch.