The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 364 - Feng Rushuang? I

Chapter 364: Feng Rushuang? I

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Tang Si’s body was flung away from the sword’s attack. The blood on his chest dirtied his clothes. His face was pale. He fell backward in an awkward manner.
Both Tang Wu and Tang Luo were stunned looking at that scene.
They saw that Feng Ruqing had thrown her glances over at them. They soon felt that there was cold air rushing toward their heads. They could not even move their feet.
“Yin… Yin’er…” Tang Wu almost burst into tears. “Quickly tell Lady Feng how we have treated you all these years. Now, we know that it really was a misunderstanding. Can you ask her to stop given that we have taken care of you all these years.”
Tang Yin was stunned at first. She was skeptical. Then, her hesitance became helplessness.
“And you are?”
Tang Wu’s old face froze at that. He could not even bring himself to smile just a bit.
It was a waste, how he had treated Tang Yin all these years. He had treated her nicely. But, Tang Yin refused to admit her relation with him.
Feng Ruqing held her sword in her hand and walked toward Tang Wu slowly.
“Xiao Qing…” Tang Yin was angry. “This old man was really too wicked. How dare he tried to claim that I’m related to him! I’m from the princess’s manor. I have no relation with that old man. You need to teach him a lesson for me.”
Tang Yin was not one of them anymore when they had decided to attack Feng Ruqing.
‘The Tang family’s destiny has nothing to do with me now!’
Tang Wu was stunned. He looked at the approaching Feng Ruqing. He was in fear and his legs were shaking.
“Lady Feng, we can talk this out.”
The attack came at him and Tang Wu did not dare to resist for fear that Feng Ruqing would go on and pluck out her own hair. So, Tang Wu endured the attack and it fell on his shoulders. Blood gushed out and his entire sleeves were covered in blood.
“This attack is for Tang Yin’s sake. You have chosen Fengyun manor instead of her!”
Another attack came again.
“This attack is for how you dreamt of marrying my state preceptor to another person!
“This attack is for how snobbish the Tang family is. You forced Yin’er to do the things that she did not like without asking her opinion.
“And this attack is for how you tried to attack me just now!”
Feng Ruqing was able to protect herself without being killed by Tang Wu.
But, Tang Yin came to protect her without bothering for her own life.
Feng Ruqing could protect herself well but she could not guarantee that she could protect Tang Yin too.
If the state preceptor had not given her a jade pendant, Tang Yin would have been handicapped for the rest of her life even if she was not dead from the attack just now.
“The last attack…” Feng Ruqing closed her eyes. After a while, she opened her eyes and they were cold and distant. “… is because… you nearly harmed Xiao Yin just now!”
Tang Wu was injured badly after those five attacks. He was covered in blood and his clothes were torn now.
Tang Luo was no better. His messy hair fell onto his shoulders and his fists were clenched tightly. He felt that there was no energy left in him. He could not even resist the attack when he was facing with that fierce lady.
And… he could not resist.
In fact, luckily all of them were Dark Warriors. Feng Ruqing’s attack could harm them seriously but they would not be killed.
This was the difference in the level of cultivation.
But, she had the time. She had enough strength to cultivate so that she would be able to destroy the Tang family completely.
Tang Yin opened her eyes and looked at Feng Ruqing in shock. Her eyes brightened.
Her Xiao Qing was so cool! It made her heart pound so uncontrollably fast.
Thump… thump…
Feng Ruqing walked toward Tang Luo. She raised her cold eyes and looked at the man in front of her, emotionlessly.