The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 365 - Feng Rushuang? II

Chapter 365: Feng Rushuang? II
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“Tell me now. Who told you about my relationship with Nan Xian?”
Tang Luo inhaled helplessly. “A disciple of the Tang family rescued a woman a few days ago. That woman seemed to be running away from the barracks. She’s called Feng Rushuang and it’s she who had told me.”
‘Feng Rushuang!’
Feng Ruqing’s eyes darkened. Feng Rushuang was kept at the border of the kingdom for a few months. She should be staying there. Why did she run away?
Did something happen there?
Feng Ruqing was subconsciously rather nervous. She could not suppress this feeling and her facial expression turned sour.
“Where’s Feng Rushuang?”
Feng Ruqing’s eyes turned cold as she asked.
Tang Luo turned and looked at the maid who had delivered the message just now.
The maid kneeled on the floor out of fear. “Master, Lady Rushuang’s injuries have healed. So, she left the Tang family after telling me about that incident. Tang Shan went away with her too.”
‘Tang Shan?’
Feng Ruqing’s eyes narrowed.
‘Isn’t Tang Shan the one who went after Tang Zi that year? Didn’t he want to kill Tang Zi then?
‘It was he who had saved Feng Rushuang.’
A few months ago, Qin Chen wanted to rescue Feng Ruqing at the Forest of Spirit Beasts when she was being taken away by Tiger Mama. If not, they would never have let Tang Shan got away.
‘I never expected that he would be with Feng Rushuang now!’
“Xiao Yin, we’re heading back to Liu Yun Kingdom.”
Feng Ruqing was rather anxious and nervous.
Feng Ruqing felt that there might be something wrong given that Feng Rushuang had run away. Liu Yun Kingdom might face some problems…
“Xiao Qing, let’s go.” Tang Yin was thinking about the princess’s manor now.
There was excitement all over Tang Yin’s face after knowing that they were going back to the princess’s manor. She smiled happily.
Feng Ruqing’s heart was heavy like a stone was pressed onto it. She felt that there were some unfinished business in the Tang family. But, she knew that her father was waiting for her and she was rather anxious about that. She nodded slightly then she turned and walked to the front yard.
Feng Ruqing did not see that someone was just descending from the mountain when Feng Ruqing turned and walked away.
That woman’s face looked like Feng Ruqing’s and even her sickness could not hide how beautiful she was.
Her plain clothes moved with the wind. She seemed both graceful and elegant.
Rong Yan looked at the girl’s back.
Suddenly, there was an explosion in her head. Her heart felt like it was being hit by a hammer. It was painful and her body shook vigorously.
‘Don’t go!’
Rong Yan was turned as pale as snow. She was anxious and nervous. She wanted to stop Feng Ruqing from leaving. But, her body was too weak. She fell down as she took a step forward.
Tang Luo mentioned that she could not meet Feng Ruqing for fear that she might transmit her own diseases to Feng Ruqing.
But, she still decided to come and meet Feng Ruqing.
She just wanted to look at her from afar.
She wanted to know why a name could make her heart grieve so much.
Her heart was like being pricked by a needle when she saw Feng Ruqing’s silhouette even if it was only from the back. There was endless pain and guilt in her. She wanted to make Feng Ruqing stay. She wanted to give Feng Ruqing all the most beautiful things in the world.
Feng Ruqing did not notice the person behind her. She held Tang Yin’s hand and walked toward the lobby.
Rong Yan wanted to make a sound desperately but it seemed like her throat was being blocked by something. She could only make a sound so small like the sound of an ant. It was shaky and hoarse. It did not make any difference to anybody.
‘Don’t go. I beg you. Don’t go!
‘Bring me along if you want to go.’