The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 366 - Please Turn and Look at Me

Chapter 366: Please Turn and Look at Me
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There were tears running down Rong Yan’s cheek and a hint of deep sadness in her eyes. She wanted to rush forward desperately.
She did not understand the situation. But, she knew that she wanted to stop Feng Ruqing from leaving.
But, the distance between her and Feng Ruqing was just too far.
She used up all her energy and still she could not stop Feng Ruqing from leaving.
Suddenly, a gentle voice was heard. He hugged Rong Yan who nearly fell down again.
Rong Yan neither liked or hated Tang Luo before.
But, a sense of hatred rose in her heart now. She used her hands to push Tang Luo away harshly.
“Let go. Let go of me…”
‘If you do not let go of me, my daughter will leave soon. She’ll never come back!’
“Yan’er, you’re sick again.” Tang Luo frowned and sighed softly. “Let me bring you back to rest.”
“No. I’m not sick.” There was a kind of madness in Rong Yan now. Her tears blurred her eyes. She reached her hand in the direction where Feng Ruqing had just left. Tears kept streaming down her beautiful face. “Don’t go, Qing’er, my daughter. Don’t go, my daughter.”
‘Please turn and look at me.
‘Just take a look at me…
‘I’m right behind you.’
Tang Luo’s eyes soon became cold and distant. “Yan’er, both of your son and daughter are dead!”
Rong Yan’s body froze. Finally, she turned and looked at Tang Luo.
“What did you say?”
Tang Luo hugged Rong Yan’s body tightly and he did not allow her to struggle or move. “I didn’t tell you that both of your son and daughter were killed by your husband. He killed his own children. I didn’t tell you because I was afraid that you couldn’t take it.”
Rong Yan was stunned. She pushed away Tang Luo desperately.
“No! She’s my daughter. She is my daughter. Go away! I want to go…”
Tang Luo raised his hand suddenly and hit Rong Yan at the back of her neck.
Rong Yan’s body weakened and she fell into Tang Luo’s embrace weakly.
There was a bottomless pit of sadness in Tang Luo’s eyes.
He held her up at the waist.
The woman’s hair fell and covered her beautiful but pale face.
“I’m sorry, Yan’er. I have done wrong at first. I couldn’t help but continue what I have started. I had no choice because I did not want you to leave.”
He would use up all his strength just to not let her leave no matter what.
Feng Ruqing subconsciously stopped walking.
She turned around and her gaze fell on the mountain at the back of the manor.
There was a woman in Tang Luo’s embrace. That woman wore plain clothes and her hair was loose. Her face was hidden by Tang Luo and Feng Ruqing could not see her face.
“What happened?” Tang Yin looked at Feng Ruqing surprisingly. Then, she looked in the direction where Feng Ruqing had fixed her eyes on. She looked at Tang Luo and blinked. “Tang Luo must be carrying the woman he kidnapped ten years ago. That woman did not come down from the mountain for the past ten years. Why did she come down today?”
Feng Ruqing frowned slightly. Her hands were on her chest. Her heart beat so fast without reason.
“That’s right. That woman seems to be mad. It looks as if she had lost a son and a daughter and she couldn’t take it. I wanted to go and look at her once but I was caught by Tang Si. He punished me for that. So, I’m always curious as to what kind of woman could make Tang Luo that desperate. He even drove her mad.”
‘Was she really mad because of the loss of her son and daughter? That’s what Tang Yu said.’
Tang Yin still felt that Tang Luo kidnapped that woman because of her beauty. He had even driven her mad.