The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 370 - Why? I

Chapter 370: Why? I
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation“I told you I’m not sick!” Rong Yan was unusually agitated. She was so mad that she pulled out a sword from the headboard of the bed and placed the sword on her face.
Tang Luo was shocked. ” Yan’er, what are you doing?”
Rong Yan sneered and said, “Don’t you and the Tangs think I’m not aware that all of you are talking behind my back and saying that I’m the Helen of Troy! The truth is, you are the one who doesn’t want to let go of me! You guys have treated me such a way just because of my pretty face. I should disfigure myself so that I can be in peace for the rest of my life.”
She did not want much. All she hoped was to find her daughter and husband. And by doing that, she would feel felt as they could live healthily and peacefully for the rest of their lives.
She was not ambitious too. All she hoped for was for her daughter to be by her side; her husband would only care for her, and wished the state to always be in peace.
But why was everyone so harsh on her!
She got this countenance from her parents, was that her fault? Why should she bear all of the sufferings?
The sword had already slashed her face. However, she acted as if nothing had happened as the blood was oozing out, she grinned.
“Yan’er!” Tang Luo frowned and said, “Put down the sword, quick.”
Rong Yan’s face was dull. “I want to leave the Tang family!”
There seemed to be a storm in Tang Luo’s eyes. He had treated her so good, he was by her side for ten years, and in the end, she still wanted to leave him!
“Yan’er, I won’t let you go.” As usual, his face turned gentle and clear as jade again. “I will never let you hurt yourself again.”
Just like a gust of wind, he was suddenly in front of Rong Yan and he gripped her arms so hard.
Her arms were already weak. As he gripped her arms tighter, she lost all her strength as the long sword in her hands immediately fell to the ground.
“If it were ten years ago, I was no match for you. But you are now weaker than before, also with a serious condition now, for sure you can’t fight against me.”
He was afraid.
He was afraid that Rong Yan would leave him when she recalled her past.
So he had been poisoning Rong Yan’s food all these years.
The poison would not hurt her body, though, it was enough to weaken her day by day.
All these years, Rong Yan was silly and dumb enough as she was never aware that someone was poisoning her, especially when she did not use her spiritual power.
It was lucky for him to have the foresight to poison Rong Yan. Or else, no one from the Tang family …could even fight against her power then.
He had never fallen for her ability but the person herself, Rong Yan, all this time.
Rong Yan’s eyes were cold.
He had never seen that piercing-cold expression before.
“Yan’er, I’m the one who loves you the most in this world.” Tang Luo looked down. He was smiling as he stretched out his hand to hold Rong Yan to him. “Nobody loves you more than I do. They will never love you more than I do in this world.”
“Go away!!!”
Rong Yan roared and stretched out her hand to push Tang Luo away.
She could not stand on her feet as she pulled herself away from his arms and almost fell.
However, she was still reluctant to let Tang Luo get close to her, not even one step!
“Yan’er, I have tried not to harm you for years. Now, I will make you my woman and you will never be able to find him again for the rest of your life.”
His eyes were suddenly filled with hatred before they turned gentle again. His voice was as gentle and soft as water. “He will not accept a fallen angel. No man can accept you except me.”
He could also ignore the fact that she had given birth to a baby.
Only true love could be so tolerant.
Therefore, no one in the world loved her more than him.