The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 371 - Why? II

Chapter 371: Why? II
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationTang Luo stretched out his hand and pulled Rong Yan into his arms again.
With a mighty force this time, he would never let her escape again.
Rong Yan’s body trembled heavily. Her heart was filled with deep anger and loath. It was like a volcano that would erupt anytime.
“Yan’er…” Tang Luo looked at the girl standing in front. He seemed to be beguiled, obsessed, and crazy.
Rong Yan clenched her fists tightly as she closed her eyes.
Another figure emerged in her mind then…
Wearing a king’s robe, the guy was handsome, gentle, and sophisticated.
That was the memory embedded deep in her head.
It was a guy whom she had forgotten for ten years. However, he was the guy whom she would always meet in her dream at night.
Although he looked blurry in the dream or was covered with a thin layer of mist, she could not control her heartbeats whenever he appeared.
That intense feeling for him was the reason why she did not believe in Tang Luo’s words.
A man whom she would still love even though she had lost her memory. How could he hurt her?
He must be the best husband in the world!
Rong Yan opened her eyes.
She looked overbearing, just like before, as she was the king that everyone would respect in the world!
No more silliness, dumbness, or gentleness could be seen in her eyes.
“Go away!”
Suddenly, a mighty force exploded from her body.
That force was startling enough to force Tang Luo to retreat immediately. His eyes were wild with shock.
Rong Yan spat a mouthful of blood. She looked pale.
She could stand on her feet, but needed the wall’s support to steady herself as both of her legs could not stand straight anymore.
“Yan’er… ” Tang Luo finally came to his senses. “I’ve told you, you’re poisoned, you are weaker than before. But then you didn’t care for your body and pushed me away using your power. You will hurt your body by doing so.”
The poison that he used would weaken her ability, but it was not harmful to her body.
However, it was hard to say that the effects would remain the same if Yan’er was trying to do anything violent again…
Rong Yan wiped away the blood from the corners of her lips and smirked. “If you dare to touch me again, I’d rather us perish together. I will never let you taint me!”
Back then, she would rather die than to let the people from the Divine Herbs Sect to touch her too. There was no difference now!
“Yan’er, are you starting to recall your past?” Tang Luo frowned and asked.
She did not recall anything when she woke up from the evil dream that day. Not until when… Tang Luo was coercing her.
Then the vague countenance started to reveal itself slowly and become clearer.
It was at that very moment when she retrieved all of the memories that she had forgotten before.
‘Divine Herbs Sect.
‘The Tang family!’
Rong Yan clenched her fists tightly. She wanted to make all of the people, who stopped her family from reuniting, die!
“But don’t you remember how good I have treated you for these past ten years?”
“Good?” Rong Yan sneered. “You’re good to me, so you intentionally poisoned me when I was badly wounded to make me lose my memory? You’re good to me, so you imprisoned me for ten years when I was silly and idiotic? You’re good to me, so you stopped me from meeting my daughter and even coerced me?”
She remembered everything.
And she remembered how the Tang family had treated her for the past ten years…
Why was she reluctant to receive help from the little servant? Because she was not sober and ignorant enough that even a little servant would dare to bully and insult her.
She was a person that would revolt, even though she was not as strong as before. She would still beat the little servant black and blue. For that reason, Tang Luo always thought that she would never let anyone step into the back hill when she would beat the ‘innocent’ little servant who allowed someone to go there.