The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 372 - Why? III

Chapter 372: Why? III
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationShe did not allow the doctor to check her condition, because it was the doctor who had pricked her with needles even when she was healthy, never wanting to let go of her.
She was afraid, loathful, and sick of dealing with them. So she hit the doctors.
That was the reason why Tang Luo thought that she would rather stay ill than seek help from the doctors.
And Tang Yu—
The girt who was the same age as Rong Yan’s daughter, but a villainous and evil person.
When Rong Tan was still dumb and missed her daughter so much, she pretended to be gentle as a strategy to trick her of her many spirit herbs. And she would turn against her after she got the spirit herbs from her.
However, there was always some time when she was sober, no matter how dumb she was.
Tang Yu had no chance to cheat her of her spirit herbs when she was sober, but then, she would provoke and remind her using her daughter’s tale as a revenge for not giving her spirit herbs.
Although a lot of spirit herbs were cheated from her by Tang Yu, all the spirit herbs that were above Grade-5 were firmly secured in her hand all the time.
Because she had always understood well that, things that she kept for Qing’er must never fall into anyone else’s hand!
No one!!!
“Yan’er, I admit that I have failed you since the very beginning, but I have used ten years to make up to you. Our whole Tang family is making up to you, isn’t that enough?
Tang Luo looked at Rong Yan as his heart ached.
Rong Yan smiled coldly and stood up. “Tang Jia is making up to me?”
“The little servant girl who bullied her, the injuries from the doctors, Tang Yu’s cheating, these were all…
“Making up to me?”
Tang Luo’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. Was there anything else that had happened in the past ten years that he did not know?
Rong Yan sneered.
“I can tell you why on earth you are inferior to him!
“When we got married, we were not strong enough, but we promised to support each other for the rest of our lives.”
Her voice turned from cold to gentle now.
“But there were so many women who wanted to marry him, also countless people who coerced him to take a concubine. He turned all of them down despite being under all the pressures. It was I who had persuaded him to take one of the concubines, only if he never pampers the girl, that’s all I wanted.”
She had met all the women before they entered the palace.
Also, she told them about Feng Tianyu’s decision.
They could live in the palace but were condemned to live a life of widowhood till the end. She could let them go if they did not want to. However, if they insisted on staying, they had no choice but to follow!
If anyone dared to seduce Feng Tianyu, she would not sit back and let go of any of their mistakes. It would not matter if it was that woman herself or her family because the rest of their lives were doomed to be restless!
She was ruthless because she did not allow her husband to sleep with other concubines. Also, she had given the women a chance to leave or stay from the very beginning.
However, there were still women who wanted to enter the palace, so they could not blame her for being cruel.
“For this reason… ” Rong Yan’s face turned even gentler as she was reminiscing the past. “I have stirred up troubles with so many people, and they forced my husband to abandon me. But then, again, he survived through all the pressures and would never let anyone hurt me.”
“And you?
“So many people did so many harmful things to me, they just did them right before your eyes, but do you even know that?
“Maybe it’s because you’re too arrogant, or you don’t really love me that much, so you provided them with a chance to hurt me.”
But Feng Tianyu would never do that!
She had never even suffered a single injury when he was beside her.
He had always been keeping her safe and sound all the time. So in return, she was willing to defend the country for him.
“That’s not what you think!”
Tang Luo finally panicked. He grabbed Rong Yan’s shoulder and said,” I love you so much, I really do. I just don’t know what had happened. Yan’er, please, believe me, I would never let go of anyone who had hurt you before, never!”