The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 375 - Rong Yan’s Wounds III

Chapter 375: Rong Yan’s Wounds III
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationTang Luo could not become the master of the Tang family if he were foolish. However, he could not think rationally as his heart had gone mad.
He was too afraid that Rong Yan would leave him.
He would do anything to make her stay!
Even if Rong Yan could detox herself from the poison that he had given to her years ago, it must be impossible for her to detox herself from the Violet-Wood Bloom’s poison!
“Father, I know you cannot stand to do it. Why don’t you let me help you?” Tang Yu smiled and said, “You may leave first.”
Tang Luo’s eyes sank in pain.
The Violet-Wood Bloom was too poisonous. He really could not stand seeing her taking that poison.
So, he did not say anything as he looked at Rong Yan guiltily. Then, he turned and walked out.
Leaving only Rong Yan and Tang Yu in the room.
“Aunt Rong… ” Tang Yu gently smiled and walked toward Rong Yan. “I can see that you cannot even stand on your feet. Stop fighting, do you think that useless people like you can be my opponent?”
“You just pushed my father away, and I guess you’ve used up all your power so you can do nothing to me now—”
It was apparent that Tang Yu had returned for quite a while and heard many of their conversations.
“Oh, speaking of which, I am the Lady of Fengyun Manor right now. Don’t worry, I will inform the people of Fengyun Manor that it was your own daughter who had poisoned you!
Tang Yu smirked. “My words, the people in Fengyun Manor will…”
Rong Yan’s eyes were cold. “They will not believe you.”
“I will make them believe.” Tang Yu pursed her little lips haughtily. “The bunch of fools in Fengyun Manor, they are very easy to trick. It’s such a waste if I don’t make use of them. Oh, by the way, I have to tell you that your taste in names is really terrible, Feng Qing court…”
“What a disgusting name to hear, so I have changed it into Feng Yu court. Well, that is the court that you had prepared for me, so for sure, it has to be named after me.”
Rong Yan clenched her fists tightly. Her breath was starting to turn erratic too.
“Aunt Rong, thank you. Thank you for putting in such an effort into building Fengyun Manor and all the power and status that come together for me, also a Feng Yu court for me too. I can’t thank you enough for that!
“From now on, I will never tell anyone from the Tang family that you were sponging our Tang family too.”
“Oh by the way, throughout these ten years, I have lied to Father that because you’re not in good condition, you need something throughout these ten years. I told him that you need the spirit herbs as a medication. So, he was very assured to entrust me with the spirit herbs and serve you. Well, the truth is, I have eaten all the spirit herbs. Then, I told everyone in the Tang family that Father was pampering you by serving you with spirit herbs every day.”
“Therefore, everyone from the Tang family hates you very much as none of them wants you to be alive!
“To keep a freeloader in our family…
“What’s the point?”
Although the spirit herbs were not as precious as the one that she had cheated from Rong Yan, still, even a little ant has its own meat too. It was natural for her to benefit from eating more spirit herbs.
And Rong Yan was doomed to hold the bag for her. Well, Rong Yan deserved this because she did not want to hand over the storage bag to her!
Rong Yan gritted her teeth, and resolutely refused to swallow the Violet-Milvus Bloom.
Tang Yu’s seemed wicked and tried to force the Violet-Milvus Bloom into her mouth.
Her gums were bleeding. Tang Yu had poked them with her nails.
The sap of the Violet-Milvus Bloom had filled her mouth and gotten to her wounds, immediately invading her body through her wounds.
Tang Luo was still worried, so he came back immediately after he had left.
He pushed open the door, and he saw Tang Yu holding Rong Yan’s body. Tang Yu cried out sadly, “Aunt Rong, I really like you, I’m afraid that you would leave, so I have no choice but to feed you the Violet-Wood Bloom. Please don’t blame me. I really don’t want to part with you—”