The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 376 - A Hero can Shed no Tears, Only Blood I

Chapter 376: A Hero can Shed no Tears, Only Blood I
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationTang Luo saw Tang Yu’s painful expression and relented.
His daughter liked Yan’er, just like him.
It was Yu’er who had accompanied Yan’er when he had no time to be by her side throughout all these years.
So, how could Yu’er want to bully Yan’er?
In fact, she loved her so much.
Or else… Yu’er could just refuse to accept Yan’er, but why did she try everything she could to make her stay?
It seemed that Yan’er had misunderstood because Yu’er was not treating her in the way wanted, just like how Yan’er misunderstood him as well—
“Yu’er, it’s all right.” Tang Luo went up to Tang Yu and patted her on her shoulder. “Father knows that you are too fond of her, but you have no choice to come up with this idea. I feel you. Just like what you worry about, I was afraid that she would leave too.”
Rong Yan seemed to be lost in her own mind as she looked on blankly. Just like a soulless person, her eyes were blank.
Tang Yu looked down as she grinned.
She did not want to take away Rong Yan’s life immediately because she was afraid that Father would find out that she was up to something. So, she decided to use Violet-Milvus Bloom and let the time slowly…
Slowly take her away!
“Yan’er.” Tang Luo walked up to Rong Yan painfully as his eyes were filled with guilt. “One day, you will know who’s the one who loves you the most in the world.”
He did not get any reply from her even though he waited for a long time. It was because the woman before him was unable to open her mouth and speak any more.
He finally sighed and gradually stood up. “Yu’er, take good care of her for now.”
Tang Yu, with tears in her eyes, nodded.
As she saw Tang Luo walk out of the cabin, something cold flashed in Tang Yu’s eyes as she hurried out.
Tang Yu’s voice made him stop as he was just about to walk out of the cabin.
Tang Luo looked back at her and asked, “Yu’er, is there anything else?”
“Father,” Tang Yu’s eyes seemed malicious. “She has remembered everything now. We can only let her stay with us forever by killing her relatives.”
Tang Luo’s face had suddenly changed. “Never lay a finger upon them.”
Tang Yu seemed surprised and asked, “Why? Why not? Tell me a reason, Father.”
Tang Luo’s lips seemed to reflect a sense of bitterness.
Tang Yu thought he was willing to tolerate?
He could let go of her past, but still, Feng Ruqing was her daughter.
The presence of this woman was like a thorn in his heart.
A thorn that would always remind him of a man who had all the happy times with her before!
Also, to make her give birth to a child for him willingly!
He was not some kind of generous or tolerant person. He was only generous to Rong Yan but not other people…
He could not make himself ignore and pretend to see nothing of it!
Feng Ruqing was Nan Xian’s woman!
He wished he could never see Feng Ruqing in his life again, but what could he do with her?
“Yu’er, stop involving yourself in this matter again. We, the Tang family, is a reclusive family. Back then, we have set the rules that people from the reclusive world will never interfere with the secular world. This is a rule that even the Divine Herbs Sect would never dare to violate.”
Tang Luo sighed.
Many years ago, there were not so many rules in Cang Yue Mainland. Those who were not strong enough were doomed to die.
But just a few decades ago, a strong man came out of nowhere and forced the reclusive world to sign the agreements with the secular world that had been oppressed for countless years.
As a condition, he must remain in that place for the rest of his life, as he was never allowed to return to the secular world anymore.
Tang Yu tried to conceal her wickedness. “Father, I understand…