The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 378 - A Hero can Shed No Tears, Only Blood III

Chapter 378: A Hero can Shed No Tears, Only Blood III
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationNo matter how strong Liu Yun Kingdom was, it was impossible to fight against the siege of four nations.
Also, there were already five people who had reached the Advanced Spirit Warrior tier among the Spirit Warriors.
“Liu Yun Kingdom without Nalan Yan is a kingdom that cannot withstand even a single blow!”
An old man dressed in purple sneered at the sky and punched Nalan Hu’s chest.
Nalan Hu could only defend the attack from behind. He was unable to avoid any other attack, so the punch had immediately made him spit blood. His old body was forced to take several steps backward.
Master Qin’s eyes were red as he growled anxiously, “Old General!”
Master Nalan crawled up from the ground. He stood with his back straight, and his eyes looked fierce. No one could defy him.
“Liu Yunxiao, even if I, Nalan Hu, were to be buried in this imperial city today, the Nalan family’s blood and allegiance would never be defeated!”
The border was in danger in the past two days. Zhangqian and Jing’er were sent to the frontier. It was lucky for them not to be in the imperial city at that time.
He hoped that the two boys would not return as the news spread outside the palace.
If the Nalan family’s blood still existed, their soul of loyalty would never be defeated!
For those who stepped into the land of Liu Yun Kingdom, one day they would pay the price!
Liu Yunxiao laughed. “Nalan Hu, who do you think it was who had made up the frontier crisis?
“What awaits them at the border is hell. You, the Nalan family, are doomed to be history!”
At first, after Liu Yunxiao spoke, he thought that Nalan Hu would be in deep grief and rather die than to live.
But the old man’s face was very calm since the beginning. It was so calm that his face barely moved.
“You are wrong. The disciples and followers of the Nalan family are all over the world!
“Even if Jing’er, Chang Qian and I are dead, there will still be someone to stand up against you. For the people of the Nalan family, you can never finish killing us no matter how hard you try, HAHAHA!!!”
Nalan Hu burst into a wild, arrogant laugh. The smile was just as powerful as his unyielding spirit, a spirit which could astound anyone.
“One day, they will take over my place to defend and protect our country and frontiers.”
His eyes were burning with wild flame and murderous spirit, and he grinned as he was looking at Liu Yunxiao condescendingly.
“If you’re afraid, get on your knees and kowtow to seek forgiveness from the innocent people you’ve killed!
“You kneel until the world forgives you.”
What a damned bastard to ally with the foreign enemy and kill the defending soldiers, even those normal people who were waiting to enter the city did not stand a chance to escape from the killing talon as well.
How innocent were those people?
Crying hysterically and desparingly, a woman held a girl’s corpse in her arms.
Liu Yunxiao suddenly lifted his hand and clasped the woman to him. He tightly grasped the woman’s neck with his fingers and looked at Nalan Hu with a cold smile.
“If you love all of this rubbish so much, kneel before me right now!
“Otherwise, I will slaughter the whole city and use the blood from all of the people to worship my wrath.”
Nalan Hu’s old eyes were red. He turned purple with rage and said, “Liu Yunxiao, I’m the one whom you’ve always hated. They are just ordinary people without any strength or weapons!
“What’s the difference between you and a beast by doing so?”
With a strong grip, Liu Yunxiao broke the woman’s neck. He flung the woman’s corpse to the ground and sneered. “In this mainland, the fittest survive, and the ordinary ones…
“How could they have the right to live and waste the food?”
All the people from Liu Yun Kingdom had gone completely mad by looking at Liu Yunxiao’s cruel behavior!
The people of the Iron-Blooded army clutched on their weapons tightly as their eyes burned with anger.