The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 379 - A Hero can Shed No Tears, Only Blood IV

Chapter 379: A Hero can Shed No Tears, Only Blood IV
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationLiu Yunxiao grabbed another crying little boy and looked at Nalan Hu coldly. “Nalan Hu, to your knees, now!”
Nalan Hu had no chance of winning him as he had united with several strong nations.
What he wanted was not only the Nalan family’s life! He also wanted to humiliate Nalan Hu in every possible way before he died!
“You…”Nalan Hu’s eyes were burning with rage.
However, Liu Yunxiao gave him no chance to think. He stabbed through the little boy’s chest with a sword.
The little boy was only around three years old. His parents had just been slaughtered, and he was left alone in the world. However, he had already lost his life at the age where he had only started to understand and discover the world.
His eyes were round and wide. He looked terrified and reluctant to die as there were tears in his eyes, but then, he could not stand up and live anymore.
Nalan Hu felt as if his heart was pierced through by needles. It was really, really painful.
He loved the people and treated them like his own children. Even though he had been on the battlefields for so many years, or helped to expand the kingdom’s power, he had never hurt a single ordinary man in any country.
As the general of a nation, his duty was to protect these ordinary people. But, all he could do was to watch these people collapsed before his eyes!
He could do nothing!
Liu Yun Kingdom’s people were enraged. As the battle turned more violent, their eyes became even redder as if there was a wave of deep anger that had nowhere to go.
At the same time, Liu Yunxiao dragged another middle-aged man. Nalan Hu stopped all the fighting.
His eyes landed on the person Liu Yunxiao was holding, he was expressionless. “What you wish for is to humiliate me, isn’t it? I will do as you wish, but please, let go of all these ordinary folk.”
Liu Yunxiao smiled coldly and said, “I will let them leave the imperial city if you kneel down to me. I won’t kill them if they never return, how’s the deal?”
“Okay!” Nalan Hu’s voice quivered, but his eyes were as resolute as steel.
“Old General!”
Everyone was frightened. They looked at Nalan Hu anxiously. “You can’t do that!”
Nalan Hu was someone who was someone who cared about his dignity very much. If he really did that, he would… suffer for the rest of his life!
Even if he survived, he would be living in hell!
Nalan Hu slowly closed his eyes.
After a while, he slowly opened his eyes and gradually went down on his knees.
“Old General!” Qin Feiyang’s old face was filled with sadness. “You can’t do as he wishes, you can’t do that!”
Nalan Hu’s ears could not hear any sound anymore.
He knew it well, for no doubt, he would die on that day!
If that was the case, what was the harm to save a person by tarnishing his dignity?
Just as Nalan Hu’s knees were about to land on the ground, the middle-aged man grabbed the sword from Liu Yunxiao’s hand by his surprise, and the middle-aged man plunged it through his own chest.
Nalan Hu’s body went stiff.
Blood splattered and splashed onto Nalan Hu’s face. His body froze as he could only stare at the man falling to the ground.
Liu Yunxiao was shocked. He had never thought that the man would be doing this. He could not come to his senses for quite a while.
“Old general…” The man lay his face flat on the ground as the blood covered the whole ground in red. “You are a… hero. My wife and daughter got killed by him just now, I don’t want to… survive in disgrace and let a hero lose his dignity.”
Liu Yun Kingdom had been peaceful for decades because of the Nalan family.
Everyone from the Nalan family was a hero.
A hero can shed no tears but only blood!
Nalan Hu’s old face was covered in tears. He struck out a violent gust of wind with the long sword in his hand, and suddenly, the gust had reached Liu Yunxiao.
“You Liu family bastard, I want you to die!!!”