The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 381 - When the Kingdom Is Under Attack, Stand up and Fight Back II

Chapter 381: When the Kingdom Is Under Attack, Stand up and Fight Back II
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationOtherwise, the troops from the four kingdoms would not be so daring.
Tang Zi had tasked someone to inform the three-striped tiger. It was a pity that the three-striped tiger was still at the Forest of Spirit Beasts, far away from the city. She needed more time….
“Tang Zi, if you are willing to surrender, you could be the general of Tian Xuan Kingdom.” An old man with an iron bomb lowered his eyes and glanced at Tang Zi.
“I follow no one but Her Highness. I will always stand guard over Her Highness and never betray her for the rest of my life.” Tang Zi sneered.
“Don’t cross the line! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being merciless.”
A glimpse of viciousness flashed through the old man’s eyes. In a flash, an overwhelming aura rushed toward Tang Zi.
Originally, Tang Zi could barely handle a Spirit Warrior. With this old man joining the attack, they were far beyond her. Nevertheless, she did not take a step back. She stood rooted to the spot as she wanted to protect the Liu Yun kingdom that was behind her.
As Tang Zi could not handle them, the sword of the old man pierced through her left shoulder. In an instant, blood oozed from the wound, stained her robe red.
A loud roar sounded from behind.
Tang Zi turned around only to see that all the spirit beasts from the princess manor were rushing up to her. Qing Ling and Liu Li were rushing after the spirit beasts.
That was not all, all the nobles and officials in the imperial city who knew about the raid, young and old, were rushing her way together with the troops.
“Why you all are here? Stay away!” Stunned, Tang Zi knitted her brows together.
It was fine for the snow wolf to be here as he was a Tier-4 spirit beast. The rest of them, without attaining Spirit Warrior tier, was no doubt seeking their own demise.
“Squad leader Tang Zi, because of Her Highness, we have been taking plenty of herbal dishes. Moreover, the spirit beasts have always been helping us in the cultivation. Even though our strength is still weak… but…” Liu Li pursed her lips together. “This is something to do with our kingdom. No matter how weak we are, we will not sit back and do nothing,” Liu paused for a while and continued.
This was the matter of the rise and fall of the kingdom. All the civilians of Liu Yun Kingdom must stand up to defend their kingdom. Even if their strength was no match for the opponent, they must fight!
The same went for the rest. Even though they could feel the overwhelming aura of the Spirit Warriors, they would never step back.
At this very moment, a strange feeling seized Tang Zi’s heart and she could not say a word.
Besides the officials and nobles, she could see the civilians, who had not attained any warrior tier, from the tender age of ten to sixty years of age.
The snow wolf howled furiously before pouncing on the old man who attacked Tang Zi.
The snow wolf was taking a nap on the mountain behind the manor. He had never thought that the imperial city would sink into chaos when he woke up.
‘You bastard! Don’t you dare to hurt my master’s subordinate! If I could let this slide, I don’t deserve the Divine-Spirit Fruit from my master!’
The old man’s face slightly darkened. He took a few steps backward to catch his balance, his sword blocked the snow wolf’s sharp fangs.
The snow wolf bit into the sword and broke it into pieces in a flash. The sword was crispy but tasteless.
Tang Zi quickly regained her focus. She knew that all of them would not leave even if she forced them.
In the chancellor’s manor.
“Yu Chen, you must not go! Stay back!” Lady Liu clung onto Liu Yuchen’s thigh as she cried out loud.