The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 382 - When the Kingdom Is Under Attack, Stand up and Fight Back III

Chapter 382: When the Kingdom Is Under Attack, Stand up and Fight Back III
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation“Mother, Liu Yun Kingdom… is falling apart.” Liu Yuchen’s body stiffened. He paused as he talked to the lady behind his back. His eyes were filled with sorrow.
This time was different from the incident in the palace. Back then, the people of Long Ao Kingdom only wanted to challenge the Nalan family. Even if they usurped the throne, they would never devastate Liu Yun Kingdom.
This time, the four kingdoms were working together in an attempt to wipe out Liu Yun Kingdom. Could the eggs remain unbroken when the nest was completely overturned?
Rumor had it that the people of the four kingdoms had massacred and slaughtered civilians of Liu Yun Kingdom. Even if Liu Yuchen was such a coward, like Chancellor Liu, he knew it well that if the four kingdoms took over Liu Yun Kingdom, simply no one could survive.
Everyone had rushed to Tang Zi’s rescue to defend their homeland. Even the lady of the Mu family—Mu Qing’er had rushed to the city’s gate. Should Liu Yuchen even call himself a man to hide at his own manor now?
“No! Yuchen, you must not go! Let them fight for us! If they all die, you can’t turn the whole situation around with your own strength! I can’t live without you. Let’s pack up and leave here.” Lady Liu cried her heart out and held onto Liu Yuchen’s thigh tightly.
“These people from the four kingdoms have surrounded the whole imperial city. Do you still think we could escape from the city? When they have successfully attacked the city, we would all die. They are truly ruthless and they will not let go of any of us.” Liu Yuchen smiled wryly.
“You must not go! Let them fight for us! As the members of the Liu family are civil officials, naturally, we are not meant for battling. Let them make the frontal attack. You must not go!” Lady Liu screamed sharply, her face was contorted in anxiety.
“Mother…” Liu Yuchen’s body stiffened even more.
“I have said. You are not allowed to go! If you dare to step out of this manor, I will take my own life.” Lady Liu loosened her grip on Liu Yuchen’s thigh, took out a dagger, and placed it near her neck.
“Mother, I know you are afraid of death.” Startled, Liu Yuchen stared at Lady Liu for a long while before he said.
One would never dare take her own life if she was afraid of dying.
Liu Yuchen had always been filial and obedient. But this time, he wanted to follow his heart.
Liu Yuchen turned to leave the manor. However, before he stepped out of the manor, an aura rushed up to him and hit him on his back. He fell forward, hitting his head on the ground. He could vaguely see a solemn face before he lost his consciousness.
“Yuchen, even if you want to die, don’t put the whole Liu family in trouble. If the four kingdoms wiped out Liu Yun Kingdom, we can still surrender. With the strong foothold of the Liu family in this realm, the four kingdoms would naturally accept us. On the contrary, if you get into the battle and offended the four kingdoms, we are finished!”
He must never let Liu Yuchen put the Liu family into trouble. What was so wrong remaining alive? Why must Liu Yuchen seek his own demise? Everyone must learn to protect themselves in times of trouble. Fighting for the kingdom was total nonsense! If Liu Yun Kingdom fell apart, the Liu family could go to another kingdom for shelter.
Chancellor Liu’s words echoed in Liu Yuchen’s ears before his vision turned dark. His eyes were filled with disbelief and shock.
“Lady, take him away to get some rest. He is such an idiot. He does not even know what he should and shouldn’t do. He is digging his own grave,” Chancellor Liu said as he frowned.
There were too many idiots in this world…