The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 383 - When the Kingdom Is Under Attack, Stand up and Fight Back IV

Chapter 383: When the Kingdom Is Under Attack, Stand up and Fight Back IV
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationAt the same time, everyone gathered at Paramount. The atmosphere was full of sorrow.
“You haven’t reached the young master yet?”
Half a month ago, something had happened in the clan and the ninth young master had gone back to the clan together with some masters. No one had ever seen him since.
However, they could hardly reach the young master on normal days. They had gotten used to it.
This time, the four kingdoms had worked together to attack Liu Yun Kingdom. They wanted to know what was on the young master’s mind and were waiting for his command.
“Should we help them? Paramount does not belong to Liu Yun Kingdom. By right, we need not help. However, the young master truly cares for Her Highness Feng Ruqing. If we sit back and do nothing, we might offend the young master…” A young man furrowed his brows with a nagging feeling in his heart.
As the headquarters of Paramount was not located in Liu Yun Kingdom, there were not many masters here. The only Dark Warrior had left with the young master and there were only two to three Spirit Warriors left in Paramount of Liu Yun Kingdom. They truly had no idea if they were capable of helping Liu Yun Kingdom. Most importantly, they wanted to know the young master’s decision. If the young master decided to help, these Spirit Warriors would not hesitate to risk their lives for the kingdom.
His brows knitted together, and one of them was raised.
“The young master seems to like Her Highness Feng Ruqing very much. If he knows that we didn’t help her, he would explode with rage. Feng Lan, why don’t you get into the palace? I heard that someone has sneaked into the palace. Zhao Xi and I will rush to the city’s gate.”
Feng Lan was the only lady out of the three persons.
“Alright.” She nodded slightly.
The young master had always been keeping a close eye on Feng Ruqing. He must have fallen for her. Hence, the people in Paramount must not turn a blind eye to Liu Yun Kingdom.
In the Yang Xin Hall.
Half sitting on the bed, Feng Tianyu coughed softly, his face was ghastly pale. He moved backward and let his head rested against the wall.
“Eunuch Ling, how long have you been serving me?”
“This old servant had started serving Your Majesty ever since you were still a crown prince.” Slightly startled, Eunuch Ling who was still waiting beside Feng Tianyu smiled wryly.
Feng Tianyu smiled wryly and took out a jade ring under the pillow. The jade ring was so beautiful. It was translucent and glistening like a crystal.
“Eunuch Ling, please leave the palace for Feng Ruqing. Give her this ring…”
“Isn’t this… the previous emperor’s…” A look of disbelief and shock crept into Eunuch Ling’s eyes.
“Eunuch Ling, my father gave this to me before he left the palace. Take this ring as a pledge of our relationship so my father knows that she is his granddaughter. Qing’er is very talented. One day later, she would go into that place and meet him. With my poor health, I am afraid that I would never get into that place.” Feng Tianyu closed his eyes slowly as he said in a weak voice.
The whole realm only knew that the former emperor was the emperor of Liu Yun Kingdom and commanded the greatest respect. Simply no one knew the former emperor’s other identity. However, the former emperor had entered that place and could never return for the rest of his life.
As for Feng Tinayu, not only did he had poor health, he had devoted himself entirely to the kingdom and state affairs. Hence, he did not have much time for cultivation.
Moreover, Feng Ruqing was not capable of handling the kingdom affairs previously. Hence, he could not leave the palace for cultivation. Perhaps, he could never meet his father for the rest of his life.
It was fortunate that Feng Ruqing had changed. She was extremely talented. Perhaps, there was still a chance…