The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 384 - He Does Not Want Her to Feel Lonely and Helpless I

Chapter 384: He Does Not Want Her to Feel Lonely and Helpless I
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation“Your Majesty, doesn’t the former emperor…” Eunuch Lin bit back his words in shock.
‘His Majesty said that the former emperor is still alive? If that was true, His Majesty and Empress Nalan would not have to suffer the hardships and no one would have dared to mistreat them.’
“He is still alive, but he had a contract with those people that he would leave the city and never return to this place for the rest of his life.” Feng Tianyu smiled wryly as he shook his head.
By doing this, the whole realm would regain its peace and tranquillity.
“Eunuch Lin, my father had exchanged his lifetime freedom for the peace of this realm. Otherwise, simply no one knows if the five kingdoms would still exist. If he knew that the people of the four kingdoms are attacking us. Would he regret it?” Feng Tianyu heaved a sigh melancholically.
When Feng Tianyu was still young, he was reading the memorial when his father had rushed up to him with his body covered in blood to bid him farewell. Only then he realized his father’s actual strength. His father had battled with a group of people for three days and came in neck and neck.
The former emperor could not help but draw a contract with those people to stop them from massacring the people of Liu Yun Kingdom or hurting anyone around him.
He had gone to a place without any way to turn back. In return, three influencers from the reclusive world were selected to stop anyone in the reclusive world from laying his hands on the civilians in the secular world. Whoever broke the promise would suffer the vessels of wrath.
“Your Majesty, the former emperor truly cares for the kingdom. Moreover, he never knew that there were actually other people who would harm Your Majesty and Empress Nalan besides the people from the reclusive world…” Eunuch Lin sighed softly.
“I did not understand his decision back then. If I were him, I would not give up my freedom for the kingdom’s well-being. Nothing is more important than my own family.” Feng Tianyu smiled wryly.
“However, later on, I begin to understand. My father is the real emperor who reigns over the kingdom. He had concealed his own strength as he had long planned to get into the reclusive world. He was worried that those people would take revenge on him and hurt me. Hence, he had tasked me to handle all the kingdom affairs to train me.
“He was a father and the emperor of Liu Yun Kingdom. He wanted to protect me and, at the same time, keep an eye on the whole kingdom. Even though I am no match for him, I had always admired him.”
Ever since Feng Tianyu fell sick, he could hardly talk. Now, he was explaining so much as if he was afraid that Feng Ruqing would not know about this. Hence, he told Eunuch Lin everything.
“Your Majesty, you are a wise emperor too.” Eunuch Lin’s voice was trembling.
“No, I am just a father.” Feng Tianyu shook his head with a smile on his face. He would never leave his daughter behind for his life.
“Eunuch Lin, Qing’er went to the Tang family. Take this jade ring and look for her. Tell her not to come back to Liu Yun Kingdom again. She is my only daughter. She must not die. Tell her not to avenge me without being sure that she will succeed.” Feng Tianyu smiled faintly.
Liu Yun Kingdom’s enemies were not only the four kingdoms. Since the Liu family was part of this attack, that influencer had taken part too. Feng Tianyu did not want Feng Ruqing to deal with such great trouble before she was fully grown up.