The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 386 - He Does Not Want Her to Feel Lonely and Helpless III

Chapter 386: He Does Not Want Her to Feel Lonely and Helpless III
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationBack then, as Liu Rong was extremely lonely in the cold palace 1, she could not resist the temptation and got pregnant with Feng Rushuang. However, if this was made known to others, she would definitely lose her life.
Moreover, Liu Rong was so in love with Feng Tianyu. She could not resign herself to the fact that Feng Tianyu did not love her back. Hence, she listened to him and drugged Feng Tianyu.
The drug was no ordinary philter. It was so extremely strong that it could make Feng Tianyun mistake Liu Rong for the lady that he loved the most. Liu Rong thought that she could get close to his heart by doing this. However, Feng Tianyu could actually tell the difference, at first sight. He knew that Liu Rong was not Nalan Yan and had nearly hurt her.
It was fortunate that Feng Tianyu had lost his senses being drugged. When he woke up, he had forgotten everything that he did.
Liu Rong wanted Feng Tianyu to think that he had slept with her and that Feng Ruhuang was his biological daughter.
‘Haha! Even if Feng Tianyu is smart, he has actually been deceived for years’.
“Feng Tianyu, Liu Yun Kingdom’s number is up. The whole Nalan family is gone. You will never know that you did not sleep with me even when you die. Shuang’er, who has always been calling you her father, is not your biological daughter.” Liu Rong sneered.
Hearing this, Feng Tianyu was still calm and composed as if he knew it long ago.
“You…Aren’t you angry? I have hurt your dignity. You are the emperor of Liu Yun Kingdom but have actually been cheated for so long.” Seeing Feng Tian’s reaction, Liu Rong’s face darkened a few shades.
“Liu Rong, you don’t know me. You have no idea about the relationship between Yan’er and I.” Feng Tianyu smiled faintly.
Dumbfounded, Liu Rong stared at Feng Tianyu in bewilderment.
“I have never mistaken you for Yan’er even when I was drunk or drugged. Her spirit had been deeply engraved in my bone. Even if I mistook your face for hers, I would never mistake you for her.”
“Feng Tianyu, how could you know…” Liu Rong’s body stiffened.
Liu Rong only told Feng Tianyu that he did not sleep with her. How did he know that he was drugged and mistook her for Nalan Yan?
“Liu Rong, I knew very well that Feng Rushuang is not my daughter a long time ago.”
Feng Tianyu had been showing Feng Ruqing so much of love and affection but Feng Rushuang did not get the slightest bit of it as Feng Tianyu knew that Feng Rushuang was not his biological daughter.
“In fact, I knew that you had an affair with someone in the reclusive world. Feng Rushuang is associated with him too. Otherwise, you would have died long ago. I still spared your life even if you have done so many wrongdoings. Do you truly think that I am so patient? I just want to know who that person is.” Feng Tianyu sighed.
That person had taken Nalan Yan’s life and Feng Tianyu had been searching for him for a long time, but all his efforts had gone down the drain. Who could he be?
“However, I regret that I had devoted myself entirely to taking revenge and never thought that you would lay your hand on Qing’er. Originally, I thought that the person in the reclusive world wanted to kill me through you. Little did I know that you would actually target Feng Ruqing.” Feng Tianyu sighed.
Later on, Feng Tianyu regretted the things that he did but it was too late.
He spared Liu Rong’s life back then as he knew that Liu Rong was associated with the person in the reclusive world. If he had killed Liu Rong, he was no doubt beating the grass to startle the snake. 1 He feared that he would never know who the mastermind was.
Ch 386 Footnote 1
A manor where the empress or concubine resides when she is out of favor or commits crimes which cannot be forgiven by the emperor