The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 387 - He Does Not Want Her to Feel Lonely and Helpless IV

Chapter 387: He Does Not Want Her to Feel Lonely and Helpless IV
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationIf only Feng Tianyu knew that Feng Ruqing would be so close to Liu Rong, he would not hesitate to alert the mastermind behind this and penalize Liu Rong with any excuse.
Hearing Feng Tianyu, Liu Rong’s eyes darkened.
In fact, approaching Feng Ruqing was her own plan. As she had hated Nalan Yan, she wanted to ruin her daughter. She wanted Feng Ruqing to be separated from her kin and live in Feng Rushuang’s shadow for the rest of her life.
“Liu Rong, that person from the Divine Herbs Sect… Feng Rushuang’s biological father is here. Am I right?” Feng Tianyu smirked.
‘The Divine Herbs Sect!’
That person had always been hiding and did not dare to lay his hand on Feng Tianyu for years as he did not want Feng Tianyu to know his true identity or get penalized for breaking the rules.
Feng Tianyu only knew this two days ago through Liu Rong.
However, it was too late. Feng Tianyu could never avenge Nalan Yan. He only wished that he could bring this message to Feng Ruqing so she knew who her true enemy was.
“Feng Tianyu, no matter what, you have lost.” Liu Rong walked up to Feng Tianyu as she stared at him affectionately. The wrath in her eyes vanished without a trace.
Liu Rong was truly in love with this man. As she knew that she could never see him again, she wanted to look at him as long as she could.
Feng Tianyu smiled faintly, his stunning face was still calm and nonchalant.
“No, I haven’t lost. My love for Yan’er is never lost.”
Even if Feng Tianyu had lost the whole realm, he did not lose Yan’er. The whole realm was no match for her. The only thing that Feng Tianyu wanted was Nalan Yan. Hence, Feng Tianyu truly admired his father as his father could give up everything for the peace of this realm.
“Feng Tianyu! Nalan Yan is nothing but a jinx. She caused the fall of Liu Yun Kingdom.” Seeing Feng Tianyu’s affectionate gaze, Liu Rong was burning with jealousy.
A beauty had always been a scourge. This was especially true for Nalan Yan, whose beauty could overthrow the kingdom. She was the root of all troubles.
“Feng Tianyu, let me tell you this. It’s all because of Nalan Yan. It is her beauty that had attracted the young master of Divine Herbs Sect—Zhen Yang. She seduced him but did not want to be his wife. Hence, everything that happened to Liu Yun Kingdom is all because of her.” Liu Rong sneered as she suppressed the anger.
Not only was Nalan Yan still in Feng Tianyu’s mind, but even Young Master Zhen Yang also kept murmuring her name when he slept with Liu Rong. She did not know why all the men had changed once they met Nalan Yan.
The Young Master Zhen Yang did not even get married all these years because of Nalan Yan. Even though he had plenty of beautiful concubines, none of them were made the principal wife.
Apparently, Liu Rong did not fall for Young Master Zhen Yang. She was just taking what she needed from him. However, she could not resign herself to the fact that there were plenty of decent men who fell for Nalan Yan.
“What is the purpose of telling me this? Even if someone had taken her away, as long as she is alive, I would still have the chance to win back her heart. However, once she is dead, there is nothing I can do.” Feng Tianyu smiled wryly.