The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 388 - Qin Chen I

Chapter 388: Qin Chen I
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationHow Feng Tianyu wished that Nalan Yan was still alive and stayed at a place in Cang Yue Mainland.
Even if Nalan Yan was taken away by the people who drooled over her beauty, so long as she was still alive, Feng Tianyu did not care if she was all alone or she already had someone by her side.
He did not even care if she had given her heart away and did not want to come back to him. He only wished her to be still alive.
“Nalan Yan is beautiful, but it is not her fault. The people of Divine Herbs Sect had taken my wife away. She was the most innocent person.” Feng Tianyu’s eyes were fixed on Liu Rong.
It was not Nalan Yan’s fault. She was innocent and she had lost her life because of her beauty. It was those people who drooled over her beauty to be blamed. Feng Tianyu did not allow anyone to point her finger at Nalan Yan.
Burning with jealousy, Liu Rong quickly unsheathed her sword and pointed it at Feng Tianyu.
“Feng Tianyu, I want you to call Nalan Yan a slut! Say it!”
Feng Tianyu merely closed his eyes with a smile on his face.
“My Yan’er is the best lady that I have ever met. She is unparalleled in the whole realm.”
“Feng Tianyu, are you still the emperor who stood aloof from the masses and the top of Liu Yun Kingdom? Now, you are just as weak as a chicken. Do you truly think that I won’t kill you because I love you? If you don’t do as what I said, I will kill you!” With the sword in her grip, Liu Rong’s hand was trembling. Her eyes were blazing with rage.
Originally, Eunuch Ling only stared at both of them and did not utter a word as he wanted to know more details. However, seeing Liu Rong who was so daring and pointed the sword at Feng Tianyu, he could not resist the anger and rushed forward to take the sword away from Liu Rong.
Even though Liu Rong was lack of talent, at this time, she was as if attained a great strength. She kicked Eunuch Ling at his pants and had sent him flying in the air.
“You swine! You truly think that I don’t know you always go against me all these years? I will deal with you later.”
Eunuch Ling spat out a mouthful of blood. His eyes were burning with rage as he stared at Liu Rong.
Advanced True Warrior tier! It was just one step away from Spirit Warrior tier.
“You are doping, aren’t you?” Feng Tianyu had no idea since when Liu Rong had gone this far.
Some of spirit herbs had been forbidden as these spirit herbs could enhance the cultivator’s strength and made a breakthrough in a snap of finger. However, the side effect was inexhaustible. Hence, they were forbidden in the reclusive world, let alone the secular world.
Liu Rong must have attained the advanced True Warrior tier because of doping. Otherwise, she could hardly do that for her whole life.
“Feng Tianyu, both you and Nalan Yan had failed me so many times. Don’t you ever feel bad for me?” Liu Rong’s bloodshot eyes turned extremely ferocious.
“Both of us have a clear conscience.” Feng Tianyu merely sneered.
Haha! Clear conscience? Firstly, ever since I stepped into the palace, you have never come into my manor. Secondly, you have never slept with me. Thirdly, Nalan Yan is so overbearing that she is the only person who enjoyed all your love and affection. Don’t you dare to say that you never fail me?” Liu Rong let out a boisterous laugh.