The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 390 - Qin Chen III

Chapter 390: Qin Chen III

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He did not believe that all the people in the palace had died.
‘There will be somebody coming to the rescue if I could earn some extra time for His Majesty. Even if it’s only a minute or a second.’
The cold wind blew. Eunuch Lin closed his eyes slowly. There was great pain on his face.
‘Your Majesty, I still have not gone and look for the princess in the end.
‘It seems that the princess will finally be left all alone.’
Suddenly, a long sword slashed through the air and cut Liu Rong’s palm into half. Liu Rong’s voice was filled with pain and it was heard at that moment.
Eunuch Lin thought that he was going to die but he realized that the pain did not come. Soon, he heard Liu Rong’s cry of pain.
He was stunned. He turned and saw a woman in green who had brought along a group of people. They came through the door.
Feng Lan soon breathed a sigh of relief when she found that Feng Tianyu was safe. She walked forward slowly and held up her fist. She said, “Your Majesty, I’m Feng Lan from Paramount. We have come to save you under the order of the ninth young master.”
The young master had feelings for the princess. So, she needed to leave a good impression here for the young master as she was his subordinate.
The young master would surely be happy when he was back.
Liu Rong’s hand was bleeding ceaselessly. She almost fainted with pain.
Liu Rong regretted now. She regretted that she had talked so much with Feng Tianyu. ‘I should’ve killed the eunuch first before killing Feng Tianyu!’
She never thought that the people from Paramount would have come and helped them.
“Thank you…” Feng Tianyu gave a bitter smile. “But, it’s better if you leave. It’s the Divine Herbs Sect who wants to destroy Liu Yun Kingdom.”
‘The Divine Herbs Sect?’
Feng Lan was frightened when she heard those three words.
‘Isn’t it a conspiracy among the four kingdoms? Why is the Divine Herbs Sect a part of it?’
But, it was too late now that she had come. If the Divine Herbs Sect had intervened in that matter, they would surely know of her role there.
It was no use crying over spilled milk. She had no choice but to complete what she had started.
“Your Majesty, we might as well stay and help you now that we have come, given that we have offended them. I’ll be unable to explain to my young master if I cannot save you.”
Feng Tianyu’s mouth moved just a bit. “I’m unable to leave now that my body has become like this. Lady Feng, can I ask for a favor from you?”
“What kind of favor, Your Majesty?”
“Take him out of here.”
Feng Tianyu’s eyes fell on Eunuch Lin. “Take him out of here. I don’t want Qing’er to be alone in this world without anybody here to take care of her. If it’s possible, please bring me to General Manor. Then, you can bring Dai’er and the general’s wife with you.”
Feng Tianyu knew that Master Nalan would never leave the kingdom when there was a crisis.
But, he wanted to leave some hope for the Nalan family.
If he guessed it right, the Divine Herbs Sect had secretly interfered with the war happening at the border of the kingdom. Then, there would be Spirit Warriors at the battlefield. ‘Jing’er and Zhangqian might not be able to come back too…”
Feng Tianyu’s heart was in great pain when he thought of this.
All of them were Yan’er relatives but he could not even protect them.
“Then, you…” Feng Lan looked at Feng Tianyu in shock.
Feng Tianyu smiled. “I cannot get up and move. It’s difficult for you to leave if you bring me along. Why don’t you bring Dai’er and the general’s wife here so that I’ll be able to explain to Yan’er later when I meet her in the afterlife.”
Feng Tianyu was seriously ill. If he left with them, he would be a burden to them. ‘It’s better to put the hope to live on General Manor.
If not, Yan’er would surely blame him for not protecting the Nalan family.