The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 392 - Qin Chen V

Chapter 392: Qin Chen V
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The other Spirit Warriors had also made a move.
The people from Paramount were not Spirit Warriors. They were not a match for the Spirit Warriors. They were soon defeated.
The palace was immersed in a pool of blood. The sun was even brighter.
“Damn it!” Feng Lan gritted her teeth grudgingly. She would not be able to protect the others by looking at the situation now. Moreover, she might be killed there.
Another Spirit Warrior made a strike on Feng Lan when she was distracted. Feng Lan’s shoulder was hit with a heavy slap.
She staggered. She nearly fell because of the strike but she held onto herself strongly.
“Lady Feng, don’t bother about me,” Feng Tianyu said calmly. “It’s not a problem for you to leave here. They’re here for me. Just go. Don’t make unnecessary sacrifices.”
Feng Tianyu did not understand why the people from Paramount wanted to save him. But, he did know that he would die. ‘There’s no need to make unnecessary sacrifices.’
Feng Tianyu was not afraid to die.
He was just worried about Qing’er.
Feng Tianyu got up from his bed without knowing where his strength came from.
He got up slowly and got down from his bed in staggering steps.
He could not even stand firmly but his back was straight.
He stood there proudly.
‘A man’s waist should never be bent. Facing death, one should stand up straight. I’ll never let anyone look down on Liu Yun Kingdom.’
“I’m here if you want to kill me. But, I, Feng Tianyu, never regretted the things I have done!”
Lin Yiyou did not talk much with Feng Tianyu. He walked toward Feng Tianyu and looked down at him condescendingly. “Just as you wish.”
Feng Tianyu smiled. He was not afraid. His self-esteem did not allow him to lose any dignity no matter how his destiny would be. He did not care whether he was going to die or live that day.
Lin Yiyou raised his long sword.
“No!” Eunuch Lin was frightened. He rushed toward Lin Yiyou anxiously.
But, he was too late. He saw Lin Yiyou’s sword falling in front of him.
The sword stabbed the body with a deep sound. The blood gushed out and it splashed onto Eunuch Lin’s face.
Lin Yiyou smiled triumphantly. But, his body fell backward and he fell down on the floor with a thud.
Blood gushed out from Lin Yiyou’s back. It soon stained the floor.
Eunuch Lin was clearly in great shock. His face was pale like a sheet of paper. His heart beat shakily.
The others were shocked. They looked at Lin Yiyou who was on the ground, laying in a pool of blood. Then, they turned toward the door.
The sun burned brightly and it shone dazzlingly.
A youth’s slim body stood under the bright sun. His slim body was covered with a weird black long robe. His handsome face was cold and distant. There was a light scar on his left cheek. It made his presence even colder.
Liu Rong nearly went mad.
The people from Paramount had interrupted her when she tried to kill Feng Tianyu just now. Half of her palm was gone because of that.
Feng Tianyu was nearly killed. But, it was stopped by an unknown youth who killed the Spirit Warrior.
‘Why… Why is there always somebody coming to the rescue now that Liu Yun Kingdom has become like this?’
“Who are you?” Feng Tianyu was shocked.
Qin Chen came to the palace with Feng Ruqing a few times before. But, he was quiet and he never went to meet Feng Tianyu with Feng Ruqing.
So, this was the first time Feng Tianyu had met Qin Chen.
Somehow, Feng Tianyu had a good impression of the youth when he first saw him. It might be because of the youth’s action in rescuing him now that the situation was as such.