The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 393 - The Heroic Spirit Never Dies I

Chapter 393: The Heroic Spirit Never Dies I
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“Who are you?”
The Spirit Warriors’ facial expressions changed. The youth seemed quite young. He had that kind of strength. When did Liu Yun Kingdom have that kind of genius?
Qin Chen never liked to talk to anybody. He only liked to kill people.
Those people did not receive any response from Qin Chen. But, they were faced with Qin Chen’s multiple attacks.
The Spirit Warrior was soon stabbed in his chest with a long sword. His body froze and blood was gushing out of his chest. His whole body slumped forward and he soon lost his breath.
Feng Tianyu was stunned. He fixed his eyes upon the youth’s handsome face. “You’re…”
“Qin Chen.” Qin Chen seemed cold and expressionless. “My name.”
Blood was everywhere at the entrance of the imperial city.
Many heroes had lost in this war.
There were also many heroic spirits who had lost their lives in this war.
Their strength was weak. They could not change much of the situation.
But, they were powerful heroes too.
“Everyone.” Nalan Hu used his own sword to block a few attacks. He stood in the wild wind with perseverance as strong as iron. “I, Nalan Hu, promise right here that we’ll definitely mark down your names as long as there’s somebody in the Nalan family. We’ll never forget this war in Liu Yun Kingdom.”
Heroes were not labeled as heroes because they were powerful.
They were heroes because they had a loyal heart to protect their kingdom against the attack of the enemies.
However, heroes should never be forgotten. Their names must be written down and engraved on stone monuments. Their names should be passed down from generation to generation.
Another old man was beaten and had fallen.
Nalan Hu remembered him. He was the grand tutor who had resigned from his position ten years ago. Tan Shuangshuang’s father became the grand tutor because of his resignation.
He was no longer a minister of the palace. But, he still came and joined the war because he was loyal to the kingdom.
Nalan Hu also remembered the youth who had fallen beside him. It was the grandson of the bakery family in Western Street. He was only a civilian. But, his loyalty was unbeatable.
Nalan Hu was grieving. His anger increased with every minute. He still fought on strongly, facing those two Spirit Warriors.
He did that because the others would be able to kill more people if he could hang on for a little longer.
But, this war was just taking too long…
It was so long that he felt exhausted. It was so long that he might faint any minute now.
Nalan Hu’s eyesight began to fade.
He did not know whether it was because of his exhaustion or that sweat was blurring his vision.
Liu Yunxiao’s long sword came like lightning. It soon entered his vision.
Nalan Hu raised his sword quickly and blocked Liu Yunxiao’s long sword. He took a few steps back from the strong attack. There was a long and deep mark on the ground.
Nalan Hu coughed and vomited a mouthful of blood. He staggered and his long sword was firmly stabbed into the ground.
His back was still upright. He was like a cold pine tree that was not afraid of the cold and the rain.
“Liu Yun Kingdom will never be destroyed as long as the Nalan family is still here.”
Nalan Hu’s thunderous voice sounded. The soldiers of the Nalan family raised their weapons high and their firm and loud voices were heard ceaselessly under the bright sun.
“The Nalan family will never be beaten! Liu Yun Kingdom will never be destroyed!
This war was the most difficult war faced by the Nalan family.
They would never have asked the Spirit Warriors to join the war before this for the safety of the kingdom.