The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 394 - The Heroic Spirit Never Dies II

Chapter 394: The Heroic Spirit Never Dies II
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But the four kingdoms were united now just to destroy Liu Yun Kingdom.
The soldiers of the Nalan family had forgone the issue of sacrificing themselves in the war. Their eyes were swollen when they heard what Master Nalan had said. They did not care much about their lives anymore as they rushed into the battlefield.
Those people had their own families too. Who would choose death if they could live?
But, they were soldiers and they must protect the kingdom. Moreover, where would they be if there was no more kingdom?
They must rush forward for their kingdom and their families too. This was the mission and mentality of a soldier.
Nalan Hu’s eyes were swollen. He looked at the brave soldiers who had no fear in the face of death. He bowed to them respectfully.
Then, he rushed toward the four kingdoms of killers.
No one retreated from the beginning to the end. It was because there was something behind them that they must protect even though they were going to die.
Nalan Hu’s shoulder was stabbed. Blood gushed out and his body shook a little. Then, he continued to fight.
He would put in the most effort he could give to fight against the invading enemies even though there was only a little bit of strength left in him.
“Master Nalan…” Qin Feiyang looked at him sadly. “Go and rest for a while. You’re exhausted.”
It was clear that Nalan Hu had used up quite a lot of his strength. His old face was pale and his steps were not as strong as before.
If he continued fighting, he might die of exhaustion even though he was not defeated.
“I won’t step down.” Nalan Hu wiped away the bloodstain at the corner of his mouth. He seemed persistent and there was no doubt on his face. “Even though I die here today, my corpse will continue blocking the invaders.”
‘My spirit will never die! I’ll come back and take revenge for every reincarnation I go through! I’ll never stop!’
Nalan Hu sacrifice his whole life to kill anyone who harmed Liu Yun Kingdom.
As long as his spirit was still there, he would never stop fighting.
The two people from Paramount who came to help were shocked when they heard that.
There were quite a lot of loyal people in this world but there no one had ever surprised them so much up until now.
He would not only use his body to protect Liu Yun Kingdom but he would also use both his spirit and corpse to protect his homeland.
“Master Nalan is indeed a true hero among heroes.”
It was not surprising as there were people who admired him and there were also people who wanted him dead among the four kingdoms.
He definitely had great perseverance but similarly he was feared by people.
Who would not be afraid given that there was a great power like him to guard Liu Yun Kingdom?
The sword pierced Nalan Hu’s chest.
He was quick to steer away from the attack. Otherwise, that sword would have pierced through his heart.
“Master Nalan!”
All the people’s facial expressions changed. They felt that Master Nalan was nearly reaching his end.
The snow wolf’s eyes were swollen. He howled and clawed at the Spirit Warrior who was standing in front of him, blocking his way. He almost burst into tears because he was anxious.
Nalan Hu was calm, facing the grief and anger of the others. He drew out his sword firmly and threw it in front of his enemy.
“Nalan Hu!” Qin Feiyang burst into tears. “I beg you. Please return to General Manor. We’ll settle the things here. Let us do it.”
Those people were clearly aiming for Master Nalan.
There were two Spirit Warriors fighting Master Nalan simultaneously and occasionally other people also came and joined the fight.
‘Are they not feeling guilty for treating an old man like that?’
“I, Nalan Hu, am still alive! I’m not dead! I’ll never retreat!”
There was a taunting voice outside the entrance of the imperial city. That sound was so familiar to Tang Zi. It was so familiar to her that Tang Zi’s whole body froze after hearing that.