The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 395 - The Heroic Spirit Never Dies III

Chapter 395: The Heroic Spirit Never Dies III

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“Tang Zi, I never thought that we’ll meet again under this kind of circumstance. Lady Rushuang, you can go home first. I’ll come later.”
Tang Zi’s facial expression was serious now. Her gaze fell on a man and a woman who walked in through the door. Anger was apparent in her eyes.
“Tang Shan, Feng Rushuang!”
‘When did these two people whom I hate the most come together?”
Feng Rushuang walked in from outside the imperial city with Tang Shan. She seemed overbearing and she was looking at Nalan Hu arrogantly.
“Nalan Hu, why aren’t you dead? But, it’s fine even if you’re not dead. I have news for you.” Feng Rushuang stopped talking for a while. Then, she laughed and said, “The person beside me is from the reclusive family, the Tang family. Unfortunately, I met Feng Ruqing in the Tang family a while back. She was killed by the people in the Tang family. They killed her!” She burst out laughing.
Her voice was like thunder and it hit Master Nalan harshly. Master Nalan was stunned.
‘Qing’er is dead… Qing’er is dead?’
“No!” Nalan Hu shouted hysterically. His eyes were swollen. “No! You’re lying. Qing’er just went out to play. She’s fine!”
Feng Rushuang’s lips twitched. “Tang Zi can confirm Tang Shan’s identity. Tang Zi also knows that Feng Ruqing has offended Tang Shan on her behalf. Now, Feng Ruqing has offended the whole of the Tang family. Doesn’t she deserve to die?”
Nalan Hu had forgotten about the war in front of him and he had also forgotten about the current situation. He turned and looked at Tang Zi. His eyes seemed to be imploring Tang Zi.
‘Qing’er won’t be dead! She won’t!’
Clearly, Tang Zi did not notice Nalan Hu’s gaze. She clenched her fists tightly and there was bottomless hatred in her heart.
“I’m the one who has enmity with the Tang family! Why did you harm her instead? Why?”
‘I hate them!
‘I hate them so much!
‘I hate everyone from the Tang family. I hate myself too!
‘The princess wouldn’t have offended the Tang family and get herself killed if not for me!
‘It’s all my fault!’
Tears ran down Tang Zi’s cheeks uncontrollably. She seemed mad as she suddenly rushed toward Tang Shan. There was deep hatred in her eyes.
“You’re picking a fight beyond your limit!” Tang Shan sneered and kicked at Tang Zi.
Tang Zi was no match for Tang Shan. She had used up a lot of strength in the war. Her body was flung away because of the kick. She fell into the crowd and the dust floated up from the ground.
Tang Zi did not respond to Nalan Hu. But, Nalan Hu had already received the answer.
There was deep pain and grief on his old face. His whole being was like being thrown down into hell. He had suddenly lost all hope.
“Master Nalan!”
Qin Feiyang could not see any emotion in Nalan Hu’s eyes anymore. His eyes were hollow. His eyes were like two deep pits of emptiness.
It seemed like Feng Rushuang had gotten the result she wanted just by looking at Nalan Hu’s facial expression. She laughed wickedly. She recovered herself and acted obediently when she turned and looked at Liu Yunxiao.
“Grandpa, I’ll go and look for my mother in the palace. Tang Shan holds deep grudges with these people. He’ll stay.”
Tang Shan would surely like to kill Tang Zi who was the traitor of the Tang family himself.
So, Feng Rushuang left the scene arrogantly with Liu Yunxiao’s escort.
A youth came out of the crowd and rushed toward Liu Yunxiao fearlessly.
Liu Yunxiao was quick and he stabbed the youth in the chest.
The youth did not make any sound as he just looked at Feng Rushuang with hatred.
“Everyone from the Nalan family is a hero. You’re just a traitor who betrays your own homeland. I cannot kill you today but I want to berate you. You’re just a shameless bastard! You’re definitely going to hell after you die! You’ll never get a second life!”