The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 396 - The Heroic Spirit Never Dies IV

Chapter 396: The Heroic Spirit Never Dies IV
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‘Since when have I betrayed my own kingdom?’ Feng Rushuang exploded with rage.
“The four kingdoms only helped my grandfather ascend the throne. I am not a traitor. It is just a change of the reigning monarch. Everything else is still the same. It’s the same Liu Yun Kingdom after all.”
“The people of the Nalan family are heroes whereas the people of the Liu family are bandits. Liu Yunxiao is simply inhuman as he had massacred civilians at his will. And you, Feng Rushuang, have sold out the kingdom. You will die a tragic death!” The young man spat a mouthful of blood on Feng Rushuang’s face.
As soon as he finished his words, he breathed his last breath and fell lifeless to the ground
Feng Rushuang’s body shook violently as she wiped off the blood with a look of disgust on her face. She flicked her sleeves and move forward.
Apparently, some people still wanted to kill Feng Rushuang without care for his own life. However, they did not succeed as Liu Yunxiao and Tang Shan had stopped them.
After all, they were no match for the masters in the four kingdoms, let alone Tang Shan who had attained Dark Warrior tier.
Hence, they could only watch Feng Rushuang leave with a passionate hatred brewing in their eyes.
Feng Rushuang left for the palace on her own as Liu Yunxiao merely escorted her for a while before he returned to the city’s gate. He wanted to watch the fall of the Nalan family.
Tang Shan did not take any weapons with him. In an instant, a force was emitted from his palm as he thrusted it at Tang Zi.
Stunned, the snow wolf quickly rushed up to Tang Zi and blocked the force. The deadly force hit the snow wolf and sent him flying in an arch in the air before falling to the ground.
The snow wolf flew into a great panic. Its claws were flailing in the air as it was afraid that it would die from falling from the sky before Tang Shan took its life.
Falling to the ground, the snow wolf did not feel the slightest pain on its body. Instead, it was as if he had landed on a soft, fluffy cushion. It was so comfortable that he could not help but move his body slightly as he moaned.
A loud cry sounded. Stunned, the snow wolf quickly turned his head around only to see Tang Yin burst into tears.
“Sob… Xiao Qing… Xiao Qing…”
‘Why is she here? What about my master?’ The snow wolf was dumbfounded.
The snow wolf looked down slowly. A dark, yet, familiar face appeared under his body.
“I am finished! The Divine-Spirit Fruits for one month are gone!” The snow wolf’s mind was buzzing.
“Xiao Qing!” Dominated by a profound sadness, Tang Yin cried her heart out and her cheeks were soaked with tears.
Sob… The snow wolf burst into tears out of shock.
It was an accident. It was all because of the bastard—Tang Shan. The snow wolf had always been loyal to its master.
Feng Ruqing was rendered speechless. The snow wolf was still lying above Feng Ruqing who was breathing heavily.
“Get out of my face!”
Feng Ruqing threw a punch at the snow wolf in a fit of anger and sent it flying a few meters away.
Feng Ruqing was leaving together with Tang Yin for the imperial city. She had never thought that she would actually walk right into an unforeseen calamity sent from heaven.
The snow wolf rolled around on the ground before rushing up to Feng Ruqing. With a pathetic look on its face, its eyes glistened with tears.
Feng Ruqing’s eyes were fixed on the bloodstains on the snow wolf body. She did not notice the deep cuts on its back just now when the snow wolf had pinned her down to the ground.
Seeing this, a fiery rage like a fire swept over Feng Ruqing. Something monstrous appeared in her eyes.