The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 397 - So Fierce I

Chapter 397: So Fierce I
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At the entrance of the imperial city, there were corpses everywhere.
Liu Yunxiao’s laughter was ceaselessly heard.
He saw that the soldiers of the Nalan family were lying in pools of blood. He saw that Nalan Hu was exhausted and could not even stand properly. He even saw that Tang Shan had just rushed toward Tang Zi and the sword in Tang Shan’s hand pierced Tang Zi’s chest.
Time seemed to stop at that moment. Liu Yuxiao could not stop laughing and his laughter echoed through the place.
Everything happened just as he had envisioned.
At that moment, a strong and powerful force turned into a sharp sword and came down from the sky. Soon, it pierced the back of the enemy in front of Nalan Hu.
Nalan Hu was stunned. He looked at the enemy fall in front of him. Then, he raised his head slowly.
The young girl had no expression on her face. Her red clothes were covered in blood and she seemed like a bloodthirsty devil. There was deep anger in her dark eyes. It looked like she just came out of hell. The people who saw her soon fell into a deep pit of a cold dungeon.
Nalan Hu burst into tears at that moment. He held out his bloodstained hands and stroked the young girl’s face. His lips shook and his voice was shaky. “Qing’er…”
‘My granddaughter is still alive!
‘She’s still alive!’
Nalan Hu’s hollow eyes regained their luster. His grieving heart was soon filled with happiness.
Feng Ruqing did not have time to console Nalan Hu. She turned her dark eyes toward Tang Shan.
Tang Shan was only a foot away from killing Tang Zi.
However, numerous vines appearing from under his feet and locked him in place when his sword was nearing Tang Zi’s throat. His sword stopped right there and he could not move an inch no matter how hard he tried.
After that, an innocent voice came from the sky. It was clear and sweet.
“You villain! How dare you bully my guardian’s family! I’m very fierce! I bite!”
Tang Shan glared at the owner of the voice. He saw a small girl walking out from behind Feng Ruqing.
That little girl was exquisite and cute. She was like an angel from a picture. She had two braids and her cheeks were puffed. She seemed angry. She glared at the people with her large eyes.
But, she still seemed innocent and harmless no matter how fierce she acted.
Nobody knew when that girl had appeared.
Maybe that girl had appeared with Feng Ruqing but nobody had noticed it.
Nevertheless, it created a disharmony there with the appearance of a young girl as beautiful as an angel in the middle of a battlefield.
It was a pitiful sight.
Maybe, that girl would die at the battlefield soon just like everybody else. A small life would be sacrificed just like that.
Tang Shan moved his legs but he could not free himself from the tangles of the vines. He was anxious now. “Who is there? I’m Tang Shan from the Tang family. You better let me go. Don’t be a busybody. Otherwise, the Tang family will never forgive you!”
Tang Shan was a Dark Warrior. Nobody could beat him on the battlefield.
There must be somebody else who had lent a hand and limited his action.
But, Tang Shan was not alone. He had the whole of the Tang family as his support.
Moreover, he had made the breakthrough to Dark Warrior tier. The elders in the Tang family did not dare to look down on him anymore. If something happened to him, the Tang family would surely seek revenge for him.
The sky was quiet and only the sound of the wind blowing could be heard.
There was no other sound.