The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 401 - To Protect their Last and Only Dignity I

Chapter 401: To Protect their Last and Only Dignity I
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To dispose of Liu Yunxiao on their own, that was easier to stir the crowd up than those rewards.
They could let go of Nalan Hu’s promises and the rewards that were almost in their hands, but they would never let go of the chance to finish Liu Yunxiao off on their own!
The crowds had punched him before, but it was not fatal enough. They could do whatever they wanted with Nalan Hu’s words at that moment.
Liu Yunxiao’s eyes were wild with terror as he screamed hysterically. In no time, his body drowned in the crowd as his voice was cut off by the siege…
Inside General Manor.
Qin Yi held Dai’er tightly in her arms. She looked cold as she was staring at the middle-aged man in front of her. Her face was expressionless. “Liu Fei, why are you here? ”
Liu Fei grinned coldly as he condescendingly looked at Qin Yi.
“Haha, do you think with such a few generals from the Nalan family, you could trap our Liu family’s people? It was because my father had run away at that time. We were only pretending to get trapped just because we wanted to wait for him to return. Now, he’s here, and the Nalan family’s death is here too!”
Liu Fei was furious to mention this again.
His dad was as timid as a mouse. He did not obey the emperor back then during dinner. They thought Feng Tianyu would die in Long Ao Kingdom’s prince’s hands but who would know that Feng Ruqing would return in the end?
He was so shocked and fled away overnight without even giving a message to the Liu family, leaving them to live in humiliation and a life that was worse than death.
As soon as Liu Fei thought of the days when they were surviving through shit and pee, Liu Fei looked terribly disgusted. He looked evil and was brimming with resentfulness.
He would pay back exactly what the Nalan family had done to him!
To make them also go through the sufferings he had gone through before!
Qin Yi hugged Dai’er tightly, she lowered her head and gently asked, “Dai’er, are you afraid?”
Dai’er shook her little head and replied, “Mother, Dai’er is not afraid.”
“Good.” The corners of Qin Yi’s lips lifted gently as she said, “We of the Nalan family have to be that way. Dai’er, don’t worry, Mother will always be by your side.”
The battle was extremely ferocious. She really wished… that she could go along with her father to protect and save the country.
But she could not.
She had to take care of Dai’er, and also some of the young and old fellows in the family too.
“Sister…” A clear voice came behind Qin Yi.
Qin Yi gently tilted her head back. She saw Wei Pinyao approaching from behind her.
Qin Yi slightly frowned, her finely arched beautiful eyebrows knitted together. “Why are you here?”
Wei Pinyao smiled lightly and shook her head. “Sister, I’m weak since young and could not cultivate with you all, and so, I can’t even help you protect Dai’er and have also dragged you down to protect us and render you unable to fight in the battlefield. I can’t just stay behind you now.
“My husband, father-in-law, and father, all of them have already gone to the gate of the castle to fight and protest. As a daughter of the Wei family, daughter-in-law of Qin family, how can I… timidly stay behind you?”
Wei Pinyao knew well how much Qin Yi wanted to join in the battle.
However, she could only stay inside General Manor and gather all of the women from the three families to protect them. By doing so, she could let their family fight against the enemies without having any worries behind.
Indeed, several hours ago, some enemies had snuck into their houses and attempted to assassinate them as killing them could destroy her father-in-law’s troop’s morale. However, Qin Yi had dealt with all of them.
But Wei Pinyao never thought that Liu Fei would escape. And throughout the years, he had been hiding his ability.
Advanced True Warrior tier!
Qin Yi was only an Intermediate True Warrior. Facing someone who had reached a higher tier than her, how could she fight back when she had to protect so many old people at the same time?