The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 403 - To Protect their Last and Only Dignity III

Chapter 403: To Protect their Last and Only Dignity III
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Wei Mengjie harrumphed and said, “Jiang Yue, what makes you think you can scold me by standing on the moral high ground? My dad was fighting hard, so what? I’m just a woman, can’t I fear death? If you’re not afraid of dying, you should go to the battlefield too.”
Jiang Yue stomped her feet, angrily. If it was not because of her pregnancy, she really wanted to do so.
Although she did not partake in the war, all of her sisters had gone for the battle. Even her husband was a visiting-son-in-law 1 , but he never fell back. She was proud of the Jiang family.
At least she would never drag them along with her when her family was fighting on the battlefield.
It was just death. That was far better than bringing disgrace to her family.
“What, you have nothing to say now? Since you have nothing else to say, you have no right to scold me.”
“Enough!” Wei Pinyao’s eyes grew colder. She did not even take a second look at Wei Mengjie when she said, coldly, “I’ll help my father disown this unloyal girl from our family. She’s not a member of the Wei family, her action does not represent the Wei family!”
Her father valued reputation more than anything.
She would not let this unloyal girl destroy the reputation of their family when her father was fighting so hard outside.
Old Lady Wei came forward with a stick and slapped Wei Pinyao’s face. “You are a married woman, what rights do you have to represent our Wei family? Wei Pinyao, you are such a filthy little badass. First, you made Qin Xun your own, then you forbade your sister to be his concubine, now you want to expel her from our family. I will beat you to death, you this filthy little badass!”
The old lady raised her stick and attempted to violently hit Wei Pinyao.
But, Qin Yi caught the stick before it could touch Wei Pinyao.
“The enemy is here, but you are still in the mood to bully Pinyao? Do you really treat us as nothing? Pinyao would not be bothered if my brother wanted to get a concubine, but I had not allowed him to do so. I only acknowledge Pinyao, so does my brother, he will never betray Pinyao!”
“Bah!” The old woman was trembling as she pointed at Qin Yi. “You’re only a daughter-in-law, what kind of rights do you think you have to represent the Qin family? Do you really think you are qualified enough to stop Qin Xun from taking a new concubine?”
A married daughter was like water that was poured out 1 . No married girl has the right to put their finger back in her parents’ pie.
The corners of Qin Yi’s lips lifted coldly. She glanced at Wei Mengjie and turned to the old lady. Then, she turned to look at the only boy present.
All men from the three great families had gone to war. Only the womenfolk stayed.
But it was such a pity that… the Wei family’s little concubine’s son, who was also Wei Mengjie’s own brother, hid in General Manor to seek for her protection!
A big man allowing a girl to protect him. Was that not ridiculous?
“The Wei family’s master has always been brilliant and faithful. But it’s such a pity for him to have you as his mother. You have destroyed him, and there’s no way to mend it.
She turned away from Old Lady Wei, refusing to look at her again.
Old Lady Wei was so frustrated, her face went pale. If it were not because she was no match for Qin Yi, she would have already hit that shameless woman to death with her stick.
“Wei Pinyao, as long as I’m here, no one can disown Mengjie from the family!” Old Lady Wei stopped aiming her words at Qin Yi and had shifted her anger toward Wei Pinyao.
Wei Pinyao’s face seemed cold and void of any emotions.
She felt utterly disappointed and cold, as if nothing could warm her heart again. If her father had not been treating her well all this while, she would never wish to return to the Wei family for the rest of her life.”
Therefore, even if she had to die there, she would never kneel to the enemy for her father’s sake.
She would let Liu Fei understand that, at least the Wei family and her… would protect their last and only shred of dignity.