The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 405 - Rather Die than Kneel II

Chapter 405: Rather Die than Kneel II
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In comparison, he actually liked Qin Yi more. The only drawback was that Qin Yi was not only the daughter-in-law of Nalan Hu, but the three great families were also Nalan Hu’s people too…
In the blink of an eye, all of the people who came forward and kneeled to surrender had turned pale. The truth was that they had already kneeled, but they did not expect to not get the peace that they had initially prayed for.
They only wished to survive.
To survive, was that a wrong thing to do? Why should he treat them that way? Just because they were the Wei family’s people?
The old lady pursed her lips. Her pale face was filled with despair.
Back then, Wei Fang did really bring a lot of honor to their family when he followed the old general without any hesitation. But if she knew he would be facing such danger, she would rather give up on that honor and never allow Wei Fang to follow the old general to fight on the battlefield.
“Qin Yi.” Liu Fei grinned. “For your daughter’s sake, I suggest you surrender. I really admire your nobility. If you surrender, I will let go of the Qin family.”
As for the Nalan family, he could not let them go… the Nalan family must die!
Qin Yi lowered her eyes and looked at Dai’er resolutely.
“Dai’er, remember my words. No matter what happens in the future, never show the white feather to the enemy, never betray your kingdom to survive, and also, never go down on your knees before your enemy.”
Dai’er was the kid that she pampered the most. But the pampering was not to the point of spoiling.
She had her bottom line and principles.
Even if the kids in the Nalan family had to die, they would have to die on their feet. They should never go down on their knees to beg to live!
“Mother, Dai’er remembers it now. I’d rather die than kneel.” Nalan Dai’er little face was a bit pale, but her eyes were unusually resolute. “Mother, you don’t have to be afraid too, Cousin will avenge us.”
Qin Yi smiled. Indeed, the person Feng Ruqing was before would only hurt them, but the person Feng Ruqing was now…
Qin Yi believed, one day, she would avenge them.
By thinking so, death was nothing much to be feared of.
“Since you guys have made such a decision, I’ll respect you guys then.” Liu Fei swung his hand as he looked on maliciously.
“Someone come and kill all the people inside General Manor, all of them!”
As soon as Liu Fei finished speaking, he had already rushed in front of Qin Yi.
Only Qin Yi who was capable of fighting him as of present.
All the young and old ones, they probably could not even stand a single strike.
Qin Yi lifted her hands as she clasped Dai’er to her tightly. The sword in her hand was welcoming the enemies who were rushing toward her.
The Liu family’s guards rushed forward. Jiang Yue could not care less even though she was six months pregnant. She pulled out her sword to join the battle.
Her stomach was throbbing in pain as a cold sweat broke on her forehead. She knew she must not collapse. She must endure the pain and confront the enemy head-on.
Nalan and the other families had left some guards with them, but the enemy were too strong that the guard could not hold them. Soon, half the guards were wounded and dead.
However, because of the protection from the guards, the womenfolk from all the great families did not get hurt.
Maybe the guards from the great families did not see eye to eye with Wei Mengjie and some of the people. Therefore, none of them were there to protect them. Even if it were the Wei family’s guards, they only stayed beside Wei Pinyao and the old lady, as nobody cared for Wei Mengjie and the people who followed her.
Although the old lady had surrendered to the enemy, she was still an old lady. No matter how angry they were, they did not dare to leave the old lady’s life unprotected.
Wei Mengjie’s hands were cut by a knife. As the blood oozed, it was so painful that she almost fainted.
The old lady was furious. “What are you guys doing here? Quickly protect Mengjie and Xiang’er. Leave that traitor Wei Pinyao alone!”