The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 406 - Rather Die than Kneel III

Chapter 406: Rather Die than Kneel III
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The Wei family’s guard ignored the old lady.
They protected the old lady simply because she was an elderly, as for the others… Even if they would be blamed or punished by their master, they still wanted to follow their hearts, for once.
For their master’s whole life, he had been loyal, brave, and faithful through all the battles.
Back then, before Empress Nalan was here, their master and the other great families’ masters had toiled and moiled in protecting this land by following in the old general’s steps.
They shed blood and tears and did all they could to protect the land. Nobody could trample on their land!
The old lady turned pale as she realized that nobody had listened to her. Her face crumpled in agony as her anger almost exploded from her chest.
“Old lady… ” Wei Pinyao smiled ironically. “You better talk lesser. Wei Mengjie and Wei Xiang almost became traitors while all of the Wei family’s guards are still faithful. Do you really think they would protect such a traitor? If you talk more, I’m afraid they might stop protecting you, too.
“After all, you betrayed our kingdom too…”
The old lady’s heart jolted in pain. This time, she remained silent, but she glared at Wei Pinyao grudgingly.
If they could survive this time, she would ask Fang’er to severely punish this little b*tch when they return to the Wei family.
Liu Fei’s sword slashed at Qin Yi’s arm. Her blood splashed everywhere and stained the ground red.
As usual, her dark eyes remained calm. It was as if she had a limited range of emotions.
But her arms were still clutching Dai’er. She seemed resolute.
“Mother, do you think cousin will return?” Dai’er asked as her bright eyes widened.
Qin Yi’s heart skipped a beat because she could not bear to tell Dai’er the truth, and she did not want Feng Ruqing to be back at that time too. However, looking at Dai’er bright eyes, she nodded eventually.
“She will be back.”
She would be back sooner or later, but not at that moment.
“Hooray!” A smile lighted up Dai’er face. She still looked adorable, even though her face was stained with blood. “Then very soon, Cousin will send them down 1 to make them apologize to us. I will wait for them there.”
Qin Yi felt desolated. The four kingdoms had allied with one another this time. She would never believe it if there was no one behind this. Therefore, Feng Ruqing was no match for them at the moment.
Unless she had fully grown up.
But looking at Dai’er’s hopeful eyes, Qin Yi could only fake a smile.
“Yup, they will apologize soon…”
Countless swords came from all directions, besieging Qin Yi and Dai’er in the middle.
As Dai’er had Qin Yi’s assurance, she smiled in relief and slowly closed her eyes.
Qin Yi defended those long swords with her back and held Dai’er tightly, protected in her arms. She gently closed her eyes—
‘I’m sorry, Zhangqian. I could not wait any longer for you to return.
‘But I’m proud of the Nalan family. If there’s an afterlife, I will still be the Nalan family’s daughter-in-law, I will still be your wife.’
Suddenly, a clear voice came from the sky.
It was a loud, clanging voice as if a stone struck a sword.
Qin Yi was shocked as she gradually opened her eyes.
Suddenly, all the people who lay siege to them fell backward and collapsed into the pool of blood.
She was stunned. She slowly turned her head around. In the glow of the sunset, two petite figures came into her vision.
“Sister Xiao Yin.” Dai’er had opened her eyes too.
She immediately noticed Tang Yin and Qian Ning. Her little heart was filled with joy.
“Dai’er, you know them?” Qin Yi was dumbfounded.