The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 407 - Rather Die than Kneel IV

Chapter 407: Rather Die than Kneel IV
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She thought they were doomed to die. Who knew that two little girls would suddenly appear? On top of that, how did Dai’er know the two of them?
“Mother, they are the ones who broke our house’s door. Father had sent soldiers to chase them, but they got away. They are that two little ladies.” Dai’er broke into a smile and said, “Brother and I went to Cousin’s house soon after, and we found out that she’s the Little Lady living inside Cousin’s manor.”
Dai’er paused and continued seriously, “Then, Sister Xiao Yin and Brother went out to play hand in hand, leaving me alone in the princess’s manor.”
Hand in… hand?
Qin Yi’s eyes brightened a little and started to look at Tang Yin differently.
Indeed, this little girl was really adorable, and her eyes were clear too. The more she looked at her… the more she liked her.
She was born with the liking for little girls. Therefore, before Dai’er came to the world, she had loved Feng Ruqing a lot.
However, Feng Ruqing had done too many unreasonable things to them. Thus, her interest in her had turned into disappointment.
But the fact that she liked little girls never changed before. She wished she never had a son, and it would be better if all of her children were daughters.
So as she saw Tang Yin, and when she heard about Tang Yin and Nalan Jing being hand in hand, her heart was brimming with happiness.
However, that was not the time for her to be happy, because there were still countless of enemies waiting for them.
“Aunt Qin!” Tang Yin rushed to Qin Yi’s side and said, “Are you okay? Did they hurt you? Qian Ning, quickly kill all the people who hurt my Aunt Qin, kill all of them!”
‘All these bastards, how dare they hurt Xiao Qin’s family! No one is allowed to stay!’
As Qin Yi felt Tang Yin’s enthusiasm toward her, she started to guess in her heart.
‘Could it be that she and Jing’er… is really…
‘What a little boy, to hook up a girl without saying a word. Why doesn’t he bring her back for me to see? Does he think that I would take her away?’
Qin Yi would never relate Tang Yin’s enthusiasm with Feng Ruqing.
The princess was a girl. Two girls… how could it be possible? Also, the princess was not homosexual either, which made it seem even more impossible.
Qian Ning had already known her little lady’s temper well long ago.
Tang Yin fawned over all of Feng Ruqing’s family members just because of Feng Ruqing.
So her flattering was not something special to see at the moment.
All she need to do was to help her little lady eliminate all the enemies.
It did not matter if the enemies were coveting for the princess, or… the one who was hurting the princess’s family.
“Little girl, get out of my way now!” Liu Fei growled coldly.
Qian Ning did not want to waste time on saying nonsense. She pulled out a sword from her waist. Just like the wind, she swiftly reached behind Liu Fei.
An overwhelming force stunned Liu Fei before he could react to it.
And before he could turn his head, the long sword was already aimed at his neck.
The icy temperature of the edge of that sword chilled his heart.
“Spirit… Spirit Warrior…”
That little girl was a Spirit Warrior?
The crowd was in the state of tumult.
The crowd was in despair at first. But when they saw Qian Ning’s sword on Liu Fei’s neck and that he could barely even move, everyone exploded with happiness.
It felt just like a hand that dragged them out from the depths of despair.
“We’re saved, we’re saved!” Old Lady Wei burst into tears of joy and excitement.
However, no one bothered if she was crying or screaming. All of them were focused on Liu Fei.