The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 409 - Feng Rushuang is not His Daughter II

Chapter 409: Feng Rushuang is not His Daughter II
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Before Old Lady Wei could berate her, Qian Ning had already raised her hand and grabbed the sleeve of this old woman, and threw her out.
Since the crisis was over, other people from the Wei family did not want to stay anymore. They went away in grief because they were afraid that they would be thrown out too.
General Manor became quiet and peaceful without the presence of those people.
“Xiao Yue, are you okay?” Qin Yi’s face changed as she saw Jiang Yue clutching her stomach as she sat on the floor. She rushed forward and asked, “Are you hurt?”
Jiang Yue bit her lip and shook her head. “It’s okay, I guess I’ve agitated the fetus’s qi. I’m feeling a little uncomfortable now, it will get better later.”
Qin Yi’s heart was relieved when she heard that Jiang Yue was fine.
Perhaps that state of relief made her realized that she was exhausted. Her body turned so weak and vulnerable all of a sudden.
“Sister.” Wei Pinyao held onto Qin Yi’s body to steady herself. “I’ll take care of Dai’er, you should take a good rest for a while.”
Qin Yi had fought really hard that day.
“Okay.” Qin Yi smiled.
Her father-in-law and Liu Yun Kingdom were safe and sound. She could finally be at ease…
Inside Yang Xin Hall.
A young guy’s sword’s edge was covered in fresh blood. There was a coldness around him that even the sunlight could not penetrate.
There were a bunch of corpses in front of him. Blood was flowing out from the hall.
Liu Rong’s heart jolted. She looked at the young guy’s cold side profile, dumbfoundedly. She felt like she had fallen into an ice cellar, making her feel piercingly cold.
Suddenly, Qin Chen’s eyes turned chilly as he looked outside the hall. He swung his sword, and the wind that was created from his sword struck the ancient tree outside the hall.
The ancient tree collapsed. Suddenly, Feng Rushuang, who was hiding behind the ancient tree, had nowhere to hide anymore. She came into everyone’s vision.
Feng Rushuang was utterly stunned.
She dared to return to the palace only because she heard that her father’s illness was in a severe condition, and also that the palace was in danger at that moment.
However, she could never have imagined that Qin Chen had killed all the powerhouses who came forward to assassinate Feng Tianyu.
Especially with the point that Qin Chen was Feng Ruqing’s toyboy.
If it were the past, Feng Rushuang would be envious and deeply mad. However, she had already possessed the state preceptor’s love, so, naturally, she paid no attention to Qin Chen.
No matter how great Qin Chen was, he was still no match for the state preceptor.
She was loved by such a perfect man, why should she be envious of Feng Ruqing?
“Shuang’er?” Liu Rong seemed flustered.
She had the intention to make use of Feng Rushuang. However, Feng Rushuang was still her daughter, so of course, she did not wish that Feng Rushuang would turn up under such circumstances.
But then, when she thought of the fact that Feng Rushuang was that person’s daughter, she felt relieved.
No matter what…
Young Master Zhen Yang would never ignore Shuang’er.
“Mother!” As Feng Rushuang noticed she was exposed, she did not think of leaving anymore. She gritted her teeth and walked inside the door. “How are you doing?”
There was no sign of panic on her face. She looked calm.
Even a vicious tiger would not eat its cubs. She was Feng Tianyu’s daughter, Feng Tianyu would never really want to kill her no matter what.
When Feng Rushuang saw Liu Rong’s half-cut palm, her heart trembled and she turned pale immediately.
“Mother, your hand…” She raised her head in disbelief. “Father, no matter what, Mother is still your concubine. How could you treat her that way?”
Feng Tianyu coughed twice with a mouthful of fresh blood.
“Your Majesty!” Eunuch Liu hurried in front of Feng Tianyu and held his body.
Feng Tianyu gave Feng Ruqing a stern and cold look.
That look jolted Feng Rushuang. She bit her lip and said, “Father, I’ve been through so many sufferings in the borders. I came back because I heard that the imperial city is in danger. No matter what my grandfather had done, it has nothing to do with Mother and me. How could you vent your anger on us?”