The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 413 - Feng Rushuang Is Surprised II

Chapter 413: Feng Rushuang Is Surprised II
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationAs the young master of the Divine Herbs Sect commanded the greatest respect in this realm, Feng Tianyu was simply no match for him.
Even if Feng Ruqing had taken Feng Tianyu away, it was such a great honor that Feng Rushuang’s father had turned out to be someone more omnipotent—the young master of the Divine Herbs Sect.
The day arrived at last!
Liu Rong’s lips moved slightly as if she wanted to say something but could not. Apparently, she did not want Feng Rushuang to return to the Divine Herbs Sect. The life as a princess of Liu Yun Kingdom was far better.
However, Feng Rushuang had lost her senses out of excitement. Currently, she would listen to no one.
If Zhen Yang truly cared for Feng Rushuang, naturally, he would not let her go through all the struggles for years. Both Liu Rong and Feng Ruqing were nothing to him.
At this time, a glimpse of viciousness flashed in Qin Chen’s eyes. A ferocious aura emitted from the sword and rushed toward Feng Rushuang like a monstrous storm.
Zhen Qing’s eyes narrowed as she pushed Feng Rushuang down. She flicked her sleeves, and a sword’s energy emitted from her and blocked the strong aura.
Originally, Feng Tianyu did not care for his own life. However, simply no one knew why he felt so worried when he saw Qin Chen getting into trouble.
“This… Dark Warrior tier?” Feng Lan face changed slightly.
‘An imperial servant has actually attained Advanced Dark Warrior tier? Exactly, how many masters have sneaked into the palace?’
Feng Lan did not know if she had had a false impression. She could feel that there was something wrong with Qin Chen.
Even if Qin Chen looked as cold as a snow mountain, his face was getting darker and darker. His bone-chilling gaze was so piercing.
“Hey rascal, you are truly something. You have actually attained Dark Warrior tier at such a tender age and you are still alive after battling with me for quite some time. However, your number is up.”
Qin Chen was truly a great talent for he had attained Intermediate Dark Warrior tier at a tender age. However, such a great talent would vanish from this realm soon.
Zhen Qing’s gaze was icy cold. The thing she hated the most for her whole life was talent. Young Master Zhen Yang was the only great talent in this realm and no one else.
“It seems that Qin Chen is going to make a breakthrough. Why is he holding back?” Feng Tianyu frowned as he said. He too could feel that something was wrong with Qin Chen.
Feng Tianyu was a little worried. However, he could hardly balance himself, let alone battle.
Qin Chen’s brows were knitted together, his face, ghastly pale. Even Zhen Qing could feel the aura from within Qin Chen turning wild.
“You are truly something! You have nearly made a breakthrough during a battle. However, I don’t get why you are restraining it.” Zhen Qing sneered.
Apparently, Zhen Qing was not afraid even if Qin Chen made a breakthrough. She had yet to play her trump card. Qin Chen simply had no way to defeat her. The only thing that puzzled her was that Qin Chen was actually refraining from making a breakthrough.
Qin Chen did not utter a word. At this time, an almighty aura emitted from the sword, and like a huge wave, rolled toward Zhen Qing.
Qin Chen could not make a breakthrough. Both cultivating and making a breakthrough would bring endless pain within him because of his special condition. The pain would be so intense that he would blackout from it. Hence, he could only make a breakthrough when Feng Ruqing was by his side. He did not want anyone to hurt her kin.
Zhen Qing turned her body sideways, dodging the sword aura that was rolling up like a huge wave. A glimpse of viciousness flashed in her eyes. In a split second, she stood before Qin Chen.
Her sword was extremely close to Qin Chen’s neck, just short from slicing through Qin Chen’s throat.