The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 416 - Let Fu Chen Bite Them II

Chapter 416: Let Fu Chen Bite Them II
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationGu Zhenyang merely sneered. He swung his arm, and the vines disintegrated into pieces—scattering across the ground.
In a split second, Qing Han dashed toward Gu Zhenyang. Vines could be seen soaring up to the sky.
‘My mother is mad! I won’t forgive anyone who makes her mad!’
“You are nothing but a spirit beast. You have bitten off more than you can chew.”
Gu Zhenyang let out a piercing scream as a deadly aura emitted from him. It was so overwhelming that the entire Yang Xin Hall collapsed into a pile of ruins.
As Feng Tianyu and the people around him were covered with vines, they were still safe and sound.
However, luck was not on Feng Rushuang and Liu Rong’s side. Both of them were pinned down under the debris, gasping for air.
Gu Zhenyang did not even spare a glance at both of them. His eyes were still fixed on both Feng Tianyu and Feng Ruqing.
Zhen Qing could not bear to see Feng Rushuang and Liu Rong suffering and took both of them out from under the debris.
As Qing Han had exhausted all her vines to protect Feng Tianyu and the people around him, she had nothing left for herself. The aura hit her on her chest and sent her flying backward.
Qing Han’s arms flailed in the air, trying desperately to grab hold of something to balance herself.
Rising up on her tiptoes, Feng Ruqing leaped into the air. She tugged Qing Han’s tiny body into her embrace and landed steadily on the ground
“Qing Han!” Fu Chen’s face darkened as he dashed toward Qing Han. Seeing that Qing Han was still safe and sound, he heaved a sigh of relief.
In a split second, Fu Chen turned to look at Gu Zhenyang, his eyes darkened.
“Mother, he is quite something…”
Even though Gu Zhenyang was no match for the masters from the Divine Herbs Sect, he was the strongest opponent that Fu Chen had ever met since he started staying with Feng Ruqing,
Naturally, the state preceptor was an exception as Fu Chen simply had no idea of how powerful the state preceptor was.
“Perhaps, he is on the same tier with Jiu Ming of Paramount…” Fu Chen continued after pausing for a while.
“Um…” A glimmer of light flashed in Feng Ruqing’s eyes. Her face reflected indifference. She did not care about his identity and his strength. All she knew was that the person who stood before her had hurt her kin. She would fight back no matter what and never shrink back.
“Mother.” Fu Chen’s gaze subtly shifted. He tugged at Feng Ruqing’s sleeve to stop her from any impulsive action.
“You are from the Divine Herbs Sect?” Fu Chen looked at Gu Zhenyang with a dark face.
“You’re right.” Gu Zhenyang’s eyes narrowed as he smirked.
“No, you are not. The Divine Herbs Sect was destroyed and no one from the sect survived.” Fu Chen shook his head resolutely.
A thousand years ago, the Divine Herbs Sect had lost its foothold not long after the Ninth Emperor had disappeared. Since then, the opponents of the Divine Herbs Sect had wiped out the entire sect. No one had survived the calamity besides Fu Chen and Qing Han as they were hiding in the medium.
However, Gu Zhenyang had actually claimed that he was from the Divine Herbs Sect. It was complete nonsense!
Not even a disciple had survived the calamity. Fu Chen had even moved the entire sect away. The current Divine Herbs Sect had no real existence.
“Haha! This is the best joke I have ever heard. The Divine Herbs Sect is one of the top three sects with the loftiest power in the reclusive world. Who is capable of wiping out the entire Divine Herbs Sect?”
Currently, the reclusive world was unrivaled in this realm.