The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 417 - Let Fu Chen Bite Them III

Chapter 417: Let Fu Chen Bite Them III
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationThe Divine Herb Sect feared no one except the genius decades ago. However, his name was forbidden in the reclusive world. When the great influencers of the Divine Herb Sect heard of his name, they would lose their minds and beat the crap out of whoever mentioned his name.
In some severe cases, some of them were paralyzed—beaten by the elders of their own clans and could never get up from their beds ever again.
Perhaps, only the elders of the Divine Herb Sect knew about this. Gu Zhenyang was the only one who knew this besides the elders.
One could easily tell how devastating the genius and the dreadful calamity he had brought to the reclusive world were. Otherwise, the people of the reclusive would not be so afraid of him.
It was a pity that there were too many masters in the reclusive world and the genius was fighting all alone. In the end, he had pledged his lifetime freedom for a contract.
The genius was truly something. There were actually so many masters in the reclusive world but he, alone, was capable of turning the entire reclusive world upside down. Even though neither side had gained in the calamity, the reclusive world had lost its reputation.
Hence, the people in the Divine herb Sect were greatly infuriated by the things that had happened back then.
If even that genius was not capable of wiping out the Divine Herb Sect, who on earth was capable of doing this? Nonsense!
Feng Rushuang too was dumbfounded. She could no longer resist the urge to laugh.
“Feng Ruqing, you are just jealous of the Divine Herb Sect and I, aren’t you? How dare you say that the entire Divine Herb Sect has been wiped out? You just don’t want me associated with the Divine Herb Sect, do you? No matter how much you jealous of me, I am still the daughter of the young master of the Divine Herb Sect!”
Feng Rushuang had been living in Feng Ruqing’s shadows for years and finally had a chance to come out of her shadow. Beaming with pride, Feng Rushuang stayed on her high horse.
“Counterfeits will always be counterfeits. You have actually passed yourself off as someone from the Divine Herb Sect for so many years.” Fu Chen’s face was even colder than before.
“You are too presumptuous!” Gu Zhenyang raised his arm, a power was emitted from his palm, and it rushed toward Fu Chen.
At this time, an arm stretched out from the side, wrapped itself around Fu Chen’s body, and tugged him into a warm embrace. She turned around, the power hit her back.
Feng Ruqing spat out a mouthful of blood. Fu Chen could feel as if Feng Ruqing’s blood was spat at his heart. The pain was like a fire burning furiously within him.
At that moment, something flashed through Feng Ruqing’s mind—never put high hopes on spirit herbs. They always had a one-track-mind.
“Qing’er!” Feng Tianyu coughed up blood. His surprised face darkened. His eyes were filled with rage and his heart was ripped apart.
The wind howled furiously.
Standing in the ruins, Fu Chen did not move the slightest. A ghastly pale face with a hint of bloodstain at the corner of her lips could be seen reflected in his dark eyes.
‘My mother is hurt because of me.’ Fu Chen would never forgive Gu Zhenyang.
Suddenly, Fu Chen raised his head. His eyes were fixed at Gu Zhenyang.
“You…” Gu Zhenyang did not know why Fu Chen’s gaze chilled his heart.
Bloodline suppression only happened to spirit beasts. This kid was just a human. That was impossible.
However, Gu Zhenyang did not know why he had such a ridiculous feeling.
The chill had quickly faded away but Fu Chen’s eyes were still burning with rage.
“Brother Fu Chen, bite them! Go!
“You all are not only bullying me, but you have actually laid your hands on my mother. I am going to set Brother Fu Chen on you!” Standing by the sidelines, Qing Han was rooting for Fu Chen.