The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 418 - Mother, Don’t Leave Me Behind! I

Chapter 418: Mother, Don’t Leave Me Behind! I
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationHearing this, everyone who was present was dumbfounded.
The tense atmosphere was quickly diffused.
Fu Chen turned into a beam of light, streaming toward Gu Zhenyang.
In a flash, the leaves around Fu Chen turned into sharp swords, raining down on Gu Zhenyang, like snow falling from the sky.
Gu Zhenyang lifted his sleeve to block the leaves. As he swung his arm, the leaves spread out in all directions.
“Ah!” Liu Rong and Feng Rushuang were watching them by the side. They had never thought that the leaves would drift toward them. The leaves slashed their skins and blood started to ooze out from the cuts.
Feng Rushuang pursed her lips together. She was just standing next to her father—why he did not protect her?
Disregarding Feng Rushuang, an aura emitted from Gu Zhenyang’s arm. His eyes were cold and nonchalant. Fu Chen could not help but take a few steps back.
Bloodline suppression was nothing but a false impression. Fu Chen was just a spirit beast. Naturally, he was not capable of bringing such a strong, suppressing power to human beings.
“Brother Fu Chen, he is not part of the Divine Herbs Sect.” Qing Han ran up to Fu Chen as she bit her lip.
The people of the Divine Herbs Sect were extremely fearful of both Fu Chen and Qing Han. If Gu Zhenyang was part of the Divine Herbs Sect, he could definitely recognize both of them. But Gu Zhenyang had actually thought that both of them were spirit beasts.
“Qing Han! Fu Chen! Come back here!” Feng Ruqing sent Qing Han and Fu Chen back into the medium without hesitation.
Ever since Feng Ruqing had moved the Ninth Emperor’s residence into the medium, she had realized that not only could she control the medium, she could actually control the two kids and stop them from reaching the outside world.
Feng Ruqing knew that even if Qing Han and Fu Chen were powerful, they were no match for the opponent who was standing before her. She could never let both of them sacrifice their lives for nothing.
“Mother! Let me out! Let me out!” Feng Ruqing could hear the two kids calling out for her in her soul.
“Fu Chen… I am afraid that I will never be able to sow spirit herbs for both of you. The medium and the contract between us would disappear after I die. Both of you can look for another master after that.”
Fu Chen and Qing Han were different from Feng Ruqing. The medium would lose its owner after Feng Ruqing’s passing. They were just spirit herbs and could get another master.
On the contrary, Feng Ruqing could not just hide in the medium and disregard Feng Tianyu. She could never let go of such an irreconcilable enmity.
However, why did Feng Ruqing feel a throbbing pain in her heart? Every little thing that happened when they were together in the past few months flashed through her mind. Feng Ruqing closed her eyes slowly as she wanted to engrave those memories in her heart forever.
“If you happen to meet the state preceptor in the future, tell him that… I cannot marry him in this life. I will definitely come back to him in my next life. He can never get rid of me.”
“No!” Fu Chen shouted at the top of his lungs as tears started to fall from his eyes.
Gasping for air, Qing Han was crying for she was reluctant to part from Feng Ruqing but she felt also helpless that she could not do anything about it.
“Mother, let us out. I am very fierce. I can bite them. Mother, let us out!” She pounded her tiny fists on the ground, her feet were kicking violently as if wanted to break this medium apart so she could get out of here.
“Mother, don’t leave me behind. Brother Fu Chen and I have been waiting for a thousand years for you. How could you let us suffer another thousand years of loneliness again? We can’t bear to lose you after having you in our lives!”