The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 419 - Mother, Don’t Leave Me Behind! II

Chapter 419: Mother, Don’t Leave Me Behind! II
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation“Mother, I am really useful. Can you please let me out? The Ninth Emperor had left us behind. Now, you are dumping us too. Am I too foolish and ignorant so both Mother and the Ninth Emperor dislike me? I will be smarter and more obedient in the future. Don’t leave me behind…”
All the connections between them had been cut off. Qing Han called out for Feng Ruqing desperately but her voice faded mid-sentence. She could no longer reach out to Feng Ruqing.
At that moment, Qing Han’s heart was completely broken. She felt as if she had lost something which could not be replaced for the rest of her life.
“Brother Fu Chen, if we could be stronger, that would be so great.” Qing Han got up with a blank look in her eyes. Her face was covered with tears like she had lost her soul.
Qing Han thought that she would be much stronger after consuming plenty of Grade-3 spirit herbs. It was true that Qing Han had become much stronger and was capable of protecting her mother. However, she was still no match for those who were even stronger than her.
“If I am extremely powerful…no one would dare to bully Mother.” Feng Ruqing would not leave them behind just like the Ninth Emperor did.
“Qing Han! You can’t do this! No…” Fu Chen ran up to Qing Han and wrapped her tightly in his embrace. His body was shaking as tears streamed down his face.
“But Mother left us because I am too weak…” Qing Han was dumped. She would be so lonely and simply no one knew how long she needed to wait until another person stepped into the medium.
“She didn’t dump us. She just doesn’t want us to die. She has intentionally broken the connection with us. She is still alive. She is not dead!” Fu Chen’s lips were trembling—his eyes filled with grief.
Qing Han lowered her eyes. Her eyes were clouded with tears. Her heart was engulfed in sorrow.
If only she could be stronger…That would be so great…
‘The Divine Herbs Sect…’ Fu Chen’s eyes glimmered with evil intent.
The Divine Herbs Sect embodied the Ninth Emperor’s life-time of painstaking effort. No one could simply ruin it! No one could bully the weak in the name of the Divine Herbs Sect.
Fu Chen had been holding tightly to the faith in the Divine Herbs Sect. No one could tarnish it. No one could hurt his kin in the name of the Divine Herbs Sect.
Not far away in the sky, a man in a snowy white robe was staring at a few people who were blocking his way. He looked calm and very much at ease.
“Young Master, the master of the Mu family has tasked us to invite you to the Mu family.”
The man with one hand behind his back was elegant and graceful like a lotus standing aloof from the world.
“My surname is Nan, not Mu.” He only had a mother—Nan Suyi.
“Young Master, Tian Shen Manor is in chaos. All the clans are fighting with each other. The master said that you must return to Tian Shen Manor.” The middle-aged man said anxiously. The master of the Mu family had tasked him to bring Nan Xian back to the manor. If the Nan Xian refused, he was no match for him…
Moreover, Nan Xian was not young. He actually had an arranged marriage.
As the master of the Mu family dared not talk to Nan Xian, he had tasked this man to persuade him. Even Nan Xian’s father dared not to force his own son, what else could this celestial guard do?