The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 421 - Nalan Yan, Why Aren’t You Appearing? I

Chapter 421: Nalan Yan, Why Aren’t You Appearing? I
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationGu Zhenyang did not give Feng Ruqing any chance. His body moved.
Soon, he was in front of Feng Ruqing.
Qin Chen used his body to shield Feng Ruqing. The youth’s face was lit by the evening glow.
It was gentle and warm, like when Feng Ruqing had met him for the first time.
Feng Ruqing and Feng Jianche were the children of a reformed family when they were at Hua Xia. They were not siblings by blood. So, they had met for the first time when they were only ten years old.
He had softened her cold heart that year.
Feng Ruqing knew afterward that Feng Jianche was not their stepmother’s son but the son left behind by their stepmother’s sister.
Hence, they became close and intimate as both of them were lonely. They consoled each other and relied on each other.
She thought that her death would make Che’er lonely again but she never thought that he would come here too…
Although he still did not remember her, she knew that he was her Che’er.
It was the only warmth of her former life.
Qin Chen’s body was like a fallen leaf and he fell down heavily in front of Feng Ruqing,
He did what he had always done… He protected her.
Feng Ruqing squatted slowly. Her hands were shaky as she stroked the youth’s face.
It was as if the familiar face was being imprinted on her memory and that she could never forget it for the rest of her life.
‘I should’ve noticed it much sooner.
‘It’s a pity that I have not given you enough warmth and too much has happened…’
There was a strong power from over her head. Feng Ruqing stood up slowly. Her gaze was cold and she sneered.
Gu Zhenyang’s hand froze, midair.
‘She resembles her so much…’
The young girl’s expression resembled Yan’er so much.
Even her sneer was the same as Yan’er. It seemed as if Yan’er was standing there, right in front of him.
He could not move, facing that face.
“Gu Zhenyang, I finally understand the reason why my mother did not like you.” Feng Ruqing walked toward Gu Zhenyang slowly. “It’s because you’re not as good as my father.”
Gu Zhenyang liked Nalan Yan.
Feng Ruqing got to know about that from how he looked at her.
The man was looking at another woman through her face. There were infatuation and a deep sense of attachment in his eyes.
‘What is that if it is not love?’
Gu Zhenyang’s eyes narrowed. “What did you say?”
“Your love is to possess the person you love and not fulfilling her being. You hurt her family and her just to possess her. What kind of love is that? I’ll never choose a man like you if I were my mother.”
Love should only exist between two deeply attached people. It was not love if hatred rose just because of unrequited love.
That would only be the desire to possess the person you love.
“Moreover, why is Feng Rushuang here if you really loved my mother? If you have never stayed true to her, then you’ll have no right to love her!”
It was no use mentioning that men could have three or four wives.
Feng Tianyu was able to do that. Why could he not?
So, Gu Zhenyang did not really love Nalan Yan.
“Little girls are really good at arguments. You’re stalling for more time so that people would come and save you.” Gu Zhenyang laughed coldly. “Nobody can save you given that you’ve offended the Divine Spirit Sect. Not even if God himself comes.”
Feng Ruqing laughed coldly. “I just want to tell you the truth. You, Gu Zhenyang, are nothing but a bastard!”
Gu Zhenyang burst into laughter. “Even so, I’m better than Feng Tianyu. He’s just a useless person!”
What use was he if he needed the protection of a woman?
“You’re wrong.” There was sarcasm in Feng Ruqing’e eyes. “My father is the most outstanding person in the world.”