The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 422 - Nalan Yan, Why Aren’t You Appearing? II

Chapter 422: Nalan Yan, Why Aren’t You Appearing? II
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationFeng Tianyu was stunned. He looked at Feng Ruqing helplessly.
The young girl’s eyes were bright when she said that. It seemed like her eyes were glowing with an extraordinary light.
“He is not without talent. But, he lacks a place and time to train. He is the emperor of the kingdom and he has a lot of responsibilities to tend to. He sleeps at midnight. When does he have time to train?”
Even so, he had still reached Spirit Warrior tier a few years ago. His body became weak because he was poisoned. He was heartbroken and his energy was used up in attending to the affairs of the kingdom. Hence, he could not train.
“If you gave him all the resources you have to him and he did not have to tend to the government affairs, his power would have surpassed you long ago.”
Feng Tianyu’s talent was not any less than Nalan Yan’s.
But, his strength was not as good as Nalan Yan’s.
It was because Nalan Yan was just an empress and there were not a lot of people in the palace under her supervision. She had a lot of free time to train but Feng Tianyu could not do the same.
Feng Tianyu was limited in the border of the palace. He had numerous affairs to tend to and it made his training path much more difficult.
If not, Feng Tianyu would not be any weaker than anyone else!
“Hmm…” Gu Zhenyang laughed without taking heed to what Feng Ruqing had said. “What’s the use of talking so much? He’s still a person whose strength is weak and he has lost the fight. When you lose, you must sacrifice something!”
Gu Zhenyang was not softhearted toward Feng Ruqing anymore. He came swiftly at Feng Ruqing and hit her on her chest with a fist.
Feng Ruqing still endured the heavy blow even though she had decreased the impact in that attack. Her body shook and she vomited a mouthful of blood. Her face was pale and white.
Feng Tianyu’s heart hurt. He clenched his fists tightly and a feeling of helplessness engulfed him.
‘Gu Zhenyang’s right.
‘I’m still weak no matter what had made my training difficult.
‘I can’t even protect the only daughter I have.
‘I can’t take it!’
“Gu Zhenyang, I’m the only person you have always hated. Qing’er is innocent. You can kill me. You can even humiliate me. Just don’t hurt her!”
Gu Zhenyang laughed out loud. “Then, I’ll do as you wish.”
Feng Lan’s expression changed. She came to stand in front of Gu Zhenyang.
But, even a Spirit Warrior like her could not fight against an opponent as strong as him. Her legs shook with fear and she could not stand upright under the strong pressure of the opponent.
Feng Ruqing ordered her to protect Feng Tianyu.
She just wanted Feng Lan to stop Feng Tianyu from joining in the fight.
But, nobody could stop him if Gu Zhenyang rushed forward.
“Father!” Feng Ruqing’s eyes were red and swollen. She staggered and she stood up again.
Everybody fixed their eyes on her. She moved fast and shielded Feng Tianyu.
A powerful force hit her body and she vomited a lot of blood.
Qin Chen’s eyes narrowed and his heart soon stopped beating when he saw the young girl who had rushed forward.
Silence fell upon the scene.
The quiet wind seemed loud.
“Gu Zhenyang!”
Feng Tianyu’s each and every word was filled with deep anger.
His heart was broken and his hatred was so deep that it soared to the sky.
“How dare you hurt Qing’er! I, Feng Tianyu, would turn into an evil demon and haunt you even if I need to crawl out from the hell!”
Feng Ruqing was Feng Tianyu’s whole life without Yan’er.
Now, the person he loved the most had fallen in front of him.
Gu Zhenyang was not bothered by Feng Tianyu. He turned his gaze toward the sky and his hysterical voice filled the whole palace.