The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 423 - Nalan Yan, Why Aren’t You Appearing? III

Chapter 423: Nalan Yan, Why Aren’t You Appearing? III
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation“Nalan Yan, did you see? I have hurt your daughter. Feng Tianyu is going to die. Why aren’t you coming out to meet me? I’ve looked for you for so many years. I’ve waited for you for so many years. I have even kept watch on Feng Tianyu for so many years. Why aren’t you showing yourself?
“How long are you going to hide from me? You’ve always loved your kingdom so much and you treat the people in your kingdom like your children. Your family and relatives are as dear to you as your own life. Now, I’m killing your people and I’m hurting your loved ones. Why aren’t you here to take revenge on me? Why?”
‘I have harmed your family and your people. Why are you still reluctant to meet me?
‘It’s been sixteen years now. Are you still reluctant to meet me?
‘You have hidden from me in such a way.’
Gu Zhenyang held his head tightly. His voice was filled with grief and pain. Tears ran down his cheeks and his vision was blurred.
The reclusive world could not attack the secular world.
So, he had endured the pain up to this point.
At first, he did not have to appear that day.
But, he still came because he wanted to force her to show herself.
Feng Rushuang was stunned. She looked at the pain on Gu Zhenyang’s face.
She had seen that kind of heartbreaking pain on Feng Tianyu. But, she had never thought that Gu Zhenyang felt like that too.
‘Why does every good man fall in love with Nalan Yan?
‘Nalan Yan is an evil woman. Why do all the good men like her?’
On the other hand, Feng Rushuang’s mother, Liu Rong was not bad too. If not, Gu Zhenyang would never have slept with her.
But, Feng Rushuang understood that Gu Zhenyang did not like Liu Rong so much as he could leave her behind.
“Why are you so useless?” Feng Rushuang was angry. “Even I could capture the state preceptor’s heart. You’re my mother. You’re so useless that you could not even capture a man’s heart. Both of you are women. Why are you so useless compared to Nalan Yan?”
Nalan Yan was a forbidden name to Liu Rong. Liu Rong had prohibited anybody from bringing her name up. So, what Feng Rushuang said was like a needle pricking at her heart. It was a painful feeling.
Liu Rong wanted to tell Feng Rushuang that what she said in the jail that day was a lie. But, she could not bring herself to say it when she saw Feng Rushuang’s facial expression.
Feng Rushuang did not understand the reason why Liu Rong could be that useless. Luckily, she was different from Liu Rong. Feng Ruqing did not take Feng Rushuang’s man away.
‘Feng Ruqing likes the state preceptor. However, he loves me deeply.
‘Feng Ruqing will never be my opponent!’
There was a smug smile on Feng Rushuang’s lips. She looked at Feng Ruqing provocatively.
But, Feng Ruqing’s gaze fell on Gu Zhenyang. She did not even hear what Feng Rushuang said.
Feng Ruqing frowned slightly. She felt that there was something wrong.
‘Isn’t my mother dead? Why?’
“Nalan Yan, come out now. You better come out. If not, I’ll slaughter the whole of Liu Yun Kingdom and no one will be left behind.” Gu Zhenyang’s face was covered with tears. There was no more seriousness and calmness. He shouted hysterically, “If you come out now, I’ll leave straight away. If not, I’ll kill everybody in Liu Yun Kingdom!”
What answered him was a total silence.
“Nalan Yan, you love Feng Tianyu deeply and you love your daughter so much. You won’t be far from Liu Yun Kingdom. I know you’re watching now. Nalan Yan, I want to meet you. I just want to see you again.”