The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 424 - Nalan Yan, Why Aren’t You Appearing? IV

Chapter 424: Nalan Yan, Why Aren’t You Appearing? IV
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationHe waited for so many years and he could not wait anymore. Even though the others would notice it, he was unwilling to wait any longer.
He wanted to destroy her kingdom and kill her family so that she would make an appearance. Other than that, he did not know how else he could meet her.
Feng Tianyu’s body froze. He looked at Gu Zhenyang who was now lying on the ground in pain. There was hope rising in his heart.
But, he soon suppressed that thought.
He buried Yan’er’s corpse himself that year.
But, he did not know why his calm heart began to beat vigorously after hearing what Gu Zhenyang said. He could not stay calm anymore.
“Nalan Yan, you’re so cruel!” Gu Zhenyang’s voice was filled with deep pain. It was heartbreaking. “If you cannot accept me then why did you appear in my life? Why did I get to know you? You have even ruined my whole life!
“I just want you to be by my side for a few years. You have reported to the sect master and I was punished because of that. You even took that chance to run away!
“If you dislike the women in my manor then I can ask them to leave. I can kill everybody who has humiliated you. But, why are you still reluctant to meet me? Why?”
Feng Rushuang fixed her eyes on Gu Zhenyang.
It seemed that everybody present could feel the grief in his heart.
Feng Rushuang was unable to reconcile with the fact that other people loved Nalan Yan that much. But, the man in front of him was her own father.
Her own father loves another woman. How ridiculous was that?
Feng Rushuang clenched her fists tightly. She wanted to go over there but she could not move. Her legs felt like they were being planted to the ground and rooted there.
Feng Tianyu walked toward Gu Zhenyang in staggering steps. His hands were shaky. He pulled at Gu Zhenyang’s collar.
Feng Tianyu was infuriated and there was a suppressed anger on his pale handsome face.
“Gu Zhenyang, what is the meaning of that? You better explain!”
‘Is Yan’er alive?
‘Is it?’
Feng Tianyu cried. He wanted to know the answer. He was afraid that what he had heard just now was only him deceiving himself.
He said that he did not care whether Yan’er still loved him as long as she was alive. He did not care whether she had fallen in love with another man.
‘As long as she’s alive!’
Gu Zhenyang laughed coldly. He pushed Feng Tianyu aside with a slap.
Feng Ruqing quickly rushed forward and held Feng Tianyu’s body. Her cold eyes fell on Gu Zhenyang.
“Feng Tianyu, you’re just an emperor of a kingdom in the secular world. Even though you’re strong in the secular world, your strength could never be compared with those in the reclusive world. But, I’m jealous of you. I’m so jealous of you that I want to kill you!”
Gu Zhenyang’s body was shaky and there was deep pain on his face.
“It’s because you have still gained Yan’er’s love even though you have nothing!”
‘If possible…
‘I’ll throw away my status in the Divine Herbs Sect. I’ll abandon the power and status I have now.
‘As long as she’s by my side!
‘However, Feng Tianyu owns nothing. But, he has Nalan Yan. It’s like he owns the whole world.’
“I’ll make you the young master of the Divine Herbs Sect. I can even give you my master. Just give me Yan’er. Give her to me!” Gu Zhenyang was mad now. His expression was frantic and his lips were shaky. “I can give you everything I own. You just give me Yan’er’s heart!”