The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 425 - What a Delight! Nalan Yan is still Alive I

Chapter 425: What a Delight! Nalan Yan is still Alive I
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationFeng Tianyu laughed coldly. “For me, she is my whole life. There’s nothing that could compare to her no matter how big the world is or how strong the power and influence are.”
In these past years, Feng Tianyu had no ambition to pursue more power or status. He just took care of his people in the kingdom and he did not strive for any more power. All fights had lost their meanings.
‘It’s pointless even if the whole world has the same surname as I or if I could unite the six kingdoms without Nalan Yan by my side.’
Losing the person who could be with you for the rest of your life and then you were left all alone in this world to watch the world pass you by. Even if the world was breathtaking, it was nothing compared to being in hell with her.
Liu Rong’s mouth twisted in disgust as if she had swallowed a fly.
She had always known that Gu Zhenyang liked Nalan Yan. But, she had never thought that Gu Zhenyang’s love for her was that deep.
Gu Zhenyang could use all of his power and influence in exchange for Nalan Yan’s heart.
But, Feng Tianyu could also resist all temptation just to keep her heart.
‘Why do all the men around me love Nalan Yan deeply?
‘Nalan Yan is just a woman who had ruined the kingdom and the people!’
Feng Tianyu coughed again and he vomited a mouthful of blood. It might be because he had talked too much. There was a sarcastic smile on his weak face. “Gu Zhenyang, you say that you love Yan’er but your love for her is hurting the people she cares about.”
Yan’er was someone who valued her loved ones. She cared about her family and relatives. She loved the nation’s people. But, the man who said that he loved her was now hurting all the people she loved.
“To the Divine Herbs Sect, all the common people in this world are useless people. You don’t care about lives. You trample on lives for your own amusement. You can even bear to kill the woman you love. So, Yan’er would never accept you!”
‘My Yan’er is kind. It’s impossible that she would love that cruel and savage person.
‘Even if I’m not here, Yan’er would never accept Gu Zhenyang.’
“You’re spewing nonsense!” Gu Zhenyang’s facial expression was manic. He laughed out loud. Tears ran down his cheeks as he laughed. “I don’t care about lives. Only strong people can survive in the mainland. The weak people would only be killed even if I don’t kill them. But, all I care about is Yan’er. I can hurt all the people in the world. But, I’ll never hurt her. I have only appeared in her life after you. That was why she did not fall in love with me.”
There was a flash of light in Feng Tianyu’s eyes. He was unable to bear it and he clenched his fists tightly. His breathing was heavy and quick. “Yan’er is still alive!”
There were endless happiness and excitement in his heart.
His body was shaky and there was excitement on his pale face.
“Yan’er is not dead. She’s really alive!’
He had always thought that Yan’er was killed by the Divine Herbs Sect. But, now that Gu Zhenyang had spilled the beans! That meant that his Yan’er was still alive.
Gu Zhenyang finally recovered his senses. His eyes were cold. “Are you trying to make me say something I didn’t mean to say?”
‘No wonder…
‘No wonder Feng Tianyu talked so much with me given that he can barely hold himself together in that condition.
‘How dare he does that!’
“I came today just to force her to show herself. There’s no need to hide now!” Gu Zhenyang laughed coldly. “At first, I did order somebody to go and attack your kingdom. You’re poisoned anyway. I don’t have to order someone else to destroy your kingdom. I just have to lead you away so that I can take her away.”
Feng Tianyu’s fists were clenched even tighter now. Gu Zhenyang’s words made the clouds in his heart disappear. He became happy and excited.
“Why does Yan’er want to leave with you?”
Yan’er never told Feng Tianyu those things. So, he had never faced the danger with her before.