The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 426 - What a Delight! Nalan Yan is still Alive II

Chapter 426: What a Delight! Nalan Yan is still Alive II

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‘How lonely would Yan’er be at that time…’
“I told her that if she did not go away with me, I’ll definitely destroy Liu Yun Kingdom one day! I will definitely do what I have said! Yan’er promised to be with me for a few years because she wanted to protect you.” There was jealousy in Gu Zhenyang’s eyes. He gritted his teeth in hatred. “That’s why I hate you so much!”
Back then, Gu Zhenyang would definitely have destroyed Liu Yun Kingdom if Nalan Yan did not leave with him because of the hate that had arisen from his love.
He could leave Liu Yun Kingdom behind because Nalan Yan had left with him.
“I went and ordered somebody to brew something to alter a person’s looks so that you’ll not go and look for Yan’er. That potion is not used for regular disguises. It appears more real than that. So, the corpse that you buried that day in the imperial mausoleum was not Yan’er.”
Gu Zhenyang closed his eyes in pain. “She’s the only woman I have loved in my life. I never thought of forcing her to do anything. If she was unwilling to let me approach her, then I’ll not do so. The women in my manor had always gone and annoyed her. I had even asked them to leave.
“I even redecorated my manor so that it would look exactly like General Manor. Hence, she would have a sense of belonging there. I sacrificed a lot for her but she had never accepted me. She had even reported me in front of the sect master on the day of the meeting.”
The people of the Divine Herbs Sect were not the only people there on the day of the meeting. The people of Tian Shen Manor were there too.
The sect master wanted to defend him but he could not do so. Therefore, Gu Zhenyang was locked up and Yan’er was then sent away.
However, he could not locate her anymore after he was finally freed from jail.
“That year, Yan’er went back to the Divine Herbs Sect with me but she still treated me coldly. I returned to Liu Yun Kingdom because I wanted to take revenge on you. I slept with Liu Rong so that she would be pregnant. Then, my child would fight against your child. But, I never thought that Liu Rong was that stupid and useless. Even the Liu family could not be helped. My effort was a waste!”
‘I thought that Yan’er would come back and look for you so I hid here for a long time. But, there was still no sight of her after so many years!
‘Feng Tianyu, I’m really jealous of you sometimes. There’s a woman who has her whole heart for you. She could live without meeting you and she let you thought that she’s dead so that she could protect you!’
In fact, Gu Zhenyang knew the truth all the time. Nalan Yan would not be doing anything all this while. She must have hidden somewhere and was preparing for a retortion so that she could overcome his power and influence. Then, she would come back and meet Feng Tianyu.
But, the sect master was dissatisfied with him because of what had happened that year. So, he did not dare to use the power of the Divine Herbs Sect and he could not even locate her.
But, he could wait no more.
He still wanted to force her to show herself even though the Divine Herbs Sect got to know about that incident. He still wanted to see her again although he might have to endure another heavy punishment.
Feng Tianyu staggered forward. His body was shaky. There was deep anger and pain in his eyes.
“I remember now… During the first three years when Yan’er was not around, I had drowned myself in the government affairs just to forget about the pain. I was unwell at that time and I had even fainted in the imperial study room a few times.
“I had even ordered all the eunuchs and maids out so that no one knew that I had fainted.
“But, I was already at Yang Xin Hall when I woke up. The eunuchs and maids did not know how I came back.
“There were a few other instances. Qing’er had cried and come looking for me. She said that she met with a woman who looked just like her mother in the picture. I had always thought that we missed her so much that we were hallucinating. But, now that I think about it, Yan’er has been by my side those three years.”