The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 427 - What a Delight! Nalan Yan is still Alive III

Chapter 427: What a Delight! Nalan Yan is still Alive III
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationYan’er must have secretly looked at Qing’er from afar during those three years. But, Qing’er was still young and she could not voice out her feelings.
‘What happened next? Why didn’t Yan’er return after that?’
Gu Zhenyang burst into laughter and tears at the same time.
Nobody knew better than Gu Zhenyang the reason why Nalan Yan did not appear after three years.
Nalan Yan reported him to the Divine Herbs Sect that year. Gu Zhenyang was forced to stay in the Divine Herbs Sect for three years without being able to leave. But, the Divine Herbs Sect did not kill him for such a small matter as that. Hence, Nalan Yan did not dare to appear in front of the public.
After three years, Gu Zhenyang could finally leave the Divine Herbs Sect. Nalan Yan was afraid that Gu Zhenyang would take revenge on Feng Tianyu. Therefore, she did not dare to appear.
“Yan’er, is that how deep your love for him is? He couldn’t protect you and he couldn’t even protect your son and daughter. Why did you fall in love with him?”
Gu Zhenyang shouted hysterically, “I’m much more outstanding than him. Why don’t you like me?”
Feng Ruqing stood beside Feng Tianyu all this while. She clenched her fists tightly. She had gained much force by doing so.
“Gu Zhenyang!” Feng Ruqing fixed her eyes on Gu Zhenyang. “What do you mean by that? Why did you mention about a son and a daughter?”
There was a cold smile on Gu Zhenyang’s face. “That year, Yan’er gave birth to a pair of twins. She had a son and a daughter. She threatened to kill herself if I did anything to her children. So, I didn’t hurt them. But, I realized that there is only a princess in Liu Yun Kingdom when I came here. There was no prince. It looks like that child was murdered.”
A loud thunder exploding in Feng Tianyu’s brain.
‘I still have another child…’
Feng Tianyu remembered that there was only Yan’er’s corpse and a daughter when he went back to the palace after fighting off the enemies.
‘Then, where’s my son?
‘Who took my son? Who dared to steal my son from my palace?
‘But, I’ve been lied to for so many years!’
There was inexpressible happiness in Gu Zhenyang’s heart when he saw the pain on Feng Tianyu’s face.
Gu Zhenyang wanted to destroy all of Feng Tianyu’s hope and force him into despair. Gu Zhenyang wanted Feng Tianyu to realize that his uselessness was the cause of his son’s death.
“Are you saying that… I still have a brother?” Feng Ruqing suddenly let go of Feng Tianyu. She moved toward Gu Zhenyang quickly. “Tell me! Do I have a brother?”
Her reaction was drastic. It was not only sadness but it was also filled with deep anger. She had the desire to kill.
Everybody was stunned.
Even if Feng Ruqing knew of the existence of an unknown brother, she would be sad instead of angry. Why did she have the desire to kill?
Feng Ruqing clenched her fists tightly. She asked, word by word, “Tell me! Is it true?”
Gu Zhenyang laughed out loud. “That day, I hid outside the door and saw her gave birth to two children. You do have a younger brother. He’s been born a few seconds later than you.”
Feng Ruqing clenched her fists tightly. Her breathing was quick abnormally. There was a great desire to kill in her and she was infuriated.
“Xiao Qing!” Qin Chen walked toward Feng Ruqing. He pulled her fingers open with much force.
Her fingers were clenched tightly. There was blood oozing out from between her fingers when they were pulled upon. Her palms were badly mutilated.
Qin Chen was worried for her. “Xiao Qing, what’s wrong with you? Tell me. What’s wrong with you?”
That kind of grief and anger did not arise because of the fact that she had realized the existence of a brother. But, it seemed like something terrible had happened and she could destroy the world for that.