The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 428 - What a Delight! Nalan Yan is still Alive IV

Chapter 428: What a Delight! Nalan Yan is still Alive IV
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationFeng Ruqing closed her eyes slowly.
“That girl seems to have gone and she had lost a son and daughter before. She was hurt. I wanted to secretly go and look at her before but I was caught by Tang Si. He had even punished me for that. So, I was always curious as to what kind of woman could captivate Tang Luo like that. He had even driven her mad.”
What Tang Yin had said before came back to Feng Ruqing. There was also the weak image and messy hair of that woman in the back hill.
Feng Ruqing saw the woman in Tang Luo’s embrace that day and her heartbeat quickened. But, she did not venture to take a look at her.
Feng Ruqing always thought that Nalan Yan had died and that she was the only daughter that Nalan Yan had. She did not dare to think too much.
Feng Ruqing pursed her lips tightly. There was blood on her lips but she seemed to be ignorant of that.
The young girl’s face was pale, it was almost as white as a sheet of paper. Her lips were stained red because of the blood. There was a bloody taste in her mouth and a desire to destroy the world in her.
Her fury this time was so strong that it could destroy the whole world so that nothing would be left behind.
‘Damn it! All the people in the Tang family deserve to die!’
Gu Zhenyang looked at Feng Ruqing’s facial expression. His heart shook and he quickly went toward her.
Qin Chen and Feng Tianyu blocked Gu Zhenyang from approaching Feng Ruqing, both on each of her sides.
“Get lost!” Gu Zhengyang was angry and he hit Qin Chen.
Qin Chen endured that attack but he did not retreat.
“Feng Ruqing, tell me. Do you know where Yan’er is?” Gu Zhenyang looked at Feng Ruqing and asked her.
Feng Ruqing recovered her senses and she finally smiled.
That smile was captivating and dazzling.
But, there was a deep hatred and anger in her eyes which was frightening.
“It’s none of your business where she is. I’ll bring her back. I’ll take revenge on those people who have harmed her!”
Feng Tianyu was stunned. He turned and looked at Feng Ruqing.
‘Does Qing’er know where Yan’er is?’
Feng Tianyu’s heart sank when he saw the hatred in Feng Ruqing’s eyes.
‘Yan’er has not returned for so many years. She did not even appear when Liu Yun Kingdom was under attack. She must be faced with danger. But, all who hurt her deserve to die no matter who they are!’
“Tell me, where she is?” Gu Zhenyang seemed furious as he rushed toward Feng Ruqing again.
There was a strong force coming down from the sky this time and Gu Zhenyang was unable to approach Feng Ruqing. His body shook and he froze midair.
Feng Ruqing was stunned too. She raised her head slowly. Soon, a familiar person entered her vision.
That man was dressed in plain white clothes. He had a murderous look on his face. He looked at the man in front of him expressionlessly.
He hit Gu Zhenyang’s chest with a great force with a stroke of his sleeve.
Gu Zhenyang was thrown out before he vomited a mouthful of blood.
He wanted to make a retortion but he soon saw the cold face in front of him when he raised his head. All the words were lost. It was like a broken ball and all of a sudden no more words were heard.
“State preceptor?” Feng Rushuang was still shocked and she could not believe that Nalan Yan was still alive. She raised her head and she saw the man who was beyond everyone’s reach.
There was a smile on her face. She felt shy as she rushed toward Nan Xian immediately without being bothered with Liu Rong trying to pull her back.
“State Preceptor Nan Xian, why are you so late? Feng Ruqing is bullying me. If you want to marry me, go and do something to Feng Ruqing first. If not, I’ll be angry. If I’m angry, I’ll never marry you even if you begged me!”
Her voice was all sweet and coy. She did not realize how Liu Rong’s facial expression had darkened because of what she had done.