The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 432 - Go and Fetch Nalan Yan from the Tang Family IV

Chapter 432: Go and Fetch Nalan Yan from the Tang Family IV
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She could not accept it!
She could not accept the fact that she lost to Feng Ruqing!
A minx such as Feng Ruqing should not be alive!
Seeing Nan Xian walking toward Zhenyang, Zhen Qing came to her senses and quickly rushed toward Feng Ruqing.
She knew she was no match for Nan Xian, so she had to buy some time for Gu Zhenyang to leave!
With a violent force, she fully vented her feelings with a violent outburst.
At that moment, her voice was no longer disguised. She sounded pale, husky, and low.
“Young Master Zhenyang, go, quick!”
Gu Zhenyang was stunned. He looked at Zhen Qing’s resolute face and turned away, escaping into the sky.
Nan Xian did not bother with him. He landed in front of Feng Ruqing and pulled her into his arms.
He lightly tapped Zhen Qing’s forehead with his fingers.
The self-destruction force suddenly vanished. A hole appeared, piercing right through Zhen Qing’s forehead. Her eyes widened as she collapsed to the ground, beating up dust around her.
Feng Ruqing blinked and said, “Well, I’m not afraid of other person’s self-destruction.”
If worse came to worst… she would absorb the forces into the medium.
“Yeap.” Nan Xian looked calm. “But I won’t let it happen if she wanted to kill you.”
For Gu Zhenyang…
Nan Xian coldly stared in the direction where Gu Zhenyang had left.
The monk can run away, but the temple remains . 1
It seemed that he had to visit the Divine Herbs Sect…
“He owes you two lives…” Nan Xian paused and glanced at Qin Chen. “Three lives, I will get it back for you in a few days.”
“Also, Eunuch Lin and grandfather had been injured. Oh, and this battle, in Liu Yun Kingdom… a lot of people have died.”
Feng Ruqing’s heart sank slightly.
Gu Zhenyang was the one behind all these, he could not get away from this war.
Therefore, he owed not only three lives.
“Okay, I will get it all back for you.”
The man still sounded calm. However, anyone could tell from his voice that he was pampering her.
‘Whatever you want, I will give it all to you.
‘Even if it were… others’ lives!’
Nan Xian was not being anxious about Gu Zhenyang’s escape. Compared to killing Gu Zhenyang, the more important thing was Feng Ruqing and Feng Tianyu.
“I’ve brought you the phoenix’s tears that you have requested.”
He swung his hand, and a porcelain bottle dropped into his palm. He held Feng Ruqing’s hand and gently put it on her hands.
Feng Ruqing’s heart skipped a beat.
‘We have every spirit herbs, and the phoenix’s tears now. I can finally cure my father!’
She suddenly paused and turned around to look at Liu Rong and her daughter, coldly.
“Chen’er, help me to bring them… to my grandfather. The wrath of the world could not be appeased with only a Liu Yunxiao, the whole Liu family has to pay it back!”
Liu Rong’s body turned limp as she fell to the ground.
She knew what her father had done. If she and her family were to be thrown to the crowd’s disposal as a way to appease the world, they would be in a situation that would be worse than death!
“No, Feng Tianyu, after all, the feelings between wife and husband would last forever. Although we never had any intimate contact before, I’m still your concubine, you can’t treat me this way!”
Liu Rong panicked. She crawled in front of Feng Tianyu with tears streaming down her face.
Feng Tianyu looked cold and replied fiercely, “The crime that the Liu family had committed must be paid with fresh blood. All the heroes from the world are all waiting for your family’s blood to be nourished! Eunuch Lin, please announce my decree. I proclaim that every member of the Liu family who is involved in this battle must be killed!
Eunuch Lin’s chest was still aching. His face was slightly contorted as his whole body was shaking and trembling.