The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 433 - Go and Fetch Nalan Yan at the Tang Family V

Chapter 433: Go and Fetch Nalan Yan at the Tang Family V
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Feng Tianyu sighed and said, “Announce the decree when you’ve recovered, it’s not urgent.”
Eunuch Lin took a punch for him just now, he would not allow him to run any errands for him no matter what.
“Eunuch Lin.”
Feng Ruqing slowly walked to Eunuch Lin. She looked at him sincerely and said, “I have some herbal dishes here, you can drink it to help relieve your injury. Also, thank you for… protecting my father.”
Eunuch Lim lowered his head, embarrassed. “I didn’t manage to protect His Majesty, it was Your Highness and the state preceptor who had saved His Majesty.”
“No, it’s enough that you’re faithful. We of Liu Yun Kingdom, will never mistreat any loyal courtiers.”
Then, she turned to look at Feng Lan.
“Thanks for your help too. I will always bear this in mind.”
Feng Lan wanted to put in a good word for her house’s young master, but she sighed after watching Nan Xian, who was standing next to Feng Ruqing.
‘No matter what he feels for Feng Ruqing princess, he has… no chance at all.’
“Father… ” Feng Ruqing held Feng Tianyu’s hand and said, “I have already found a way to cure you of poison. We will go and fetch her after the poison is cured.”
Feng Tianyu grasped onto Feng Ruqing’s arms as his breathing became labored. “Do you really know… where she is?”
Feng Ruqing nodded.
“Is she… doing well?”
He did not ask any other questions besides Nalan Yan’s situation. Also, he never asked if she was still in love with him.
All he wanted to know was if she was still doing okay?
“She’s not fine, and she really wanted to come home. Therefore, Father, you have to recover in time so we can fetch her back together…”
Tang Yin mentioned before that she would never leave, not even a step, from the back hill.
However, she had walked down from the hill that day!
How much did she miss home to have made such a move?
And she… did not realize that she was Nalan Yan.
As soon as she thought of Nalan Yan staring at her and Tang Yin turning away and leaving her behind, Feng Ruqing’s heart hurt as the pain spread inside her heart. She hit her chest with her palm.
“Xiao Qing.” Qin Chen pulled off her fingers and said, “No matter what, you must not hurt yourself again.”
Feng Ruqing slowly took a deep breath as a smile lit up her beautiful face. “I was a bit emotional just now. Did I scare you?”
Her voice was… too soft.
Not to mention the others, even Nan Xian had never seen this side of her before.
With a light that was hard to notice flashing in Nan Xian’s eyes, he calmly looked at Qin Chen.
“Feng Ruqing, you’re such a b*tch who can marry just any guys. You’re just like your mother, you flirt and seduce others even you are attached to a guy,” Feng Rushuang screeched in outrage.
Her whole face was distorted with envy.
Nan Xian’s eyes flashed coldly. He swung his sleeves as an invisible force shot through Feng Rushuang’s shoulders. The force nailed her body onto the trees, making her unable to move.
If Qing’er did not mention to use her to appease the wrath of the world, Feng Rushuang would have been already dead.
“Nan Xian,” Feng Rushuang’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Didn’t you see her flirting with another man? She’s just like her mother, why are you treating me this way when I’m speaking for you?”
Blood oozed from her shoulder, and her face turned pale because it was so painful. However, it hurt even more in her heart.
“Hoho!” Qing Zhu sneered. “Empress Nalan has been faithful to the emperor for her whole life. She refused to devote herself to Gu Zhenyang even under his menace. What makes you think that she was willing to marry just any guys? On the contrary, it’s your mother who had cheated but still insisted on claiming herself as the emperor’s concubine. Who’s the b*tchy one now?”