The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 434 - Go and Fetch Nalan Yan from the Tang Family VI

Chapter 434: Go and Fetch Nalan Yan from the Tang Family VI
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“Oh, speaking of which, I saw that you have attempted to crawl into my master’s bed. On the contrary, our princess never crawled into anyone’s bed. It has always been the master crawling into her bed.”
Feng Ruqing did not say anything.
She would not crawl into a bed, she would just… lunge into the bed.
Qing Zhu turned to look at Feng Ruqing expectantly, hoping for praises.
Yeap. It was hoping that the princess would not threaten it by turning it into a snake soup again after hearing its words.
It was only a little snake but to bear such a pain that it should not be taking in its age.
“Ehem!” Feng Tianyu coughed. His voice was weak yet firm. “Eunuch Lin, get the herbs out from the national treasury and announce my decree: No one is allowed to kill Feng Rushuang. If she’s on the brink of death, bring her back and continue to torture her. The same applies to Liu Rong.”
Feng Lang smiled and said, “Herbs are not strong enough. We, of Paramount, are willing to contribute some of the spirit herbs to cure them, only when they are about to die! Also, besides spirit herbs, Paramount has poisons too. We can contribute those as well.”
The worst thing that can happen to a person is not death.
But to be brought back to life when the person is dying from pain!
Just as Feng Ruqing wanted to hold Feng Tianyu, she paused as soon as she heard Feng Lan. So, she asked, “Feng Lan, how many powerhouses do you have… in Paramount?”
Feng Lan replied, “Master, Young Master had brought with many powerhouses, and they haven’t returned yet. Now we are left with three Spirit Warriors.”
“What about the other places?”
“There are more than ten Spirit Warriors in other places. Also, every Paramount member is guarded by a Dark Warrior.”
“Okay,” Feng Ruqing grinned. “Gather all the powerhouses from Paramount for me! Including Dark Warriors!”
Feng Lan was stunned. “Master Feng, the Dark Warriors have the same position as a master too, I’m afraid that…”
“Then tell them I speak on behalf of Jiu Ming, I need a helping hand from Jiu Ming, they won’t decline me.” Feng Ruqing looked confident. “It’s because I’m the one who provides all of the remedies and prescriptions.”
Feng Lan looked surprised.
‘The remedies and prescriptions of Paramount… were provided by Feng Ruqing?’
‘If that’s the case, the masters of Paramount will do their best to help, for the sake of the herbal dishes.’
“Yes, Master.”
Feng Ruqing turned around said, “Father, let’s go. I will bring you to get some rest, and then I can help you in curing the poison.”
“Qing’er,” Nan Xian’s gaze swept through all the people from Paramount and continued calmly, “The people that you’re against, I can handle them on my own.”
Feng Ruqing stopped walking abruptly. “I’m going to bring my mother back. I will make everyone from the Tang family regret the things they have done!”
In the Liu family’s inner court.
Liu Yuchen gradually woke up and rubbed his temples. He opened his eyes to the worried look on the woman’s face next to him.
Suddenly, Liu Yuchen quivered and got up from his bed. His face was resolute. “Mother, don’t stand in my way anymore. I’m usually timid but… I can’t bear to see the kingdom fall apart.”
Lady Liu was shocked. She quickly shouted to stop Liu Yuchen. “Yuchen, why are you going there? The war has ended.”
‘The war… has ended?’
Liu Yuchen stopped walking and slowly turned his head around. His handsome face was pale as he asked, stressing on each word, “What. Did. You. Say?”