The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 435 - Go and Fetch Nalan Yan from the Tang Family VII

Chapter 435: Go and Fetch Nalan Yan from the Tang Family VII
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“The war has ended, you don’t have to go,” Lady Liu frowned and said.
Really… ended?
Liu Yuchen gently pursed his lips and closed his eyes, as if in agony. “Still, Father has betrayed the country.”
Liu Yun Kingdom… stood no chance of winning.
Since the war had ended, the final outcome was… obvious.
But the Liu family was still fine there, did that not imply that… his father had surrendered himself to the other kingdoms?
“What nonsense are you talking about? Feng Ruqing has returned. And I have also heard that she has brought back a violent little girl who had killed all the powerhouses from the four kingdoms.” Lady Liu kept going. “Think about it, if you didn’t divorce Feng Ruqing back then, she wouldn’t have been so heartless to us. You’ll have to seize the opportunity in the future and make yourself the emperor’s son-in-law!”
Liu Yuchen’s ears buzzed. He could not hear any of the words.
The sentence kept on echoing in his mind—
‘Feng Ruqing has returned, the war has ended!’
The girl whom he had loathed before had unknowingly grown into a person of another level.
Liu Yuchen walked out anyway.
“Yuchen, where are you going? Are you looking for that woman, Tan Shuangshuang? You are not allowed to go!” Lady Liu became anxious and ran after Liu Yuchen to stop him.
Liu Yuchen laughed out loud twice with his sleeves swaying along with the breeze. “The Liu family has still betrayed the kingdom! Hahaha, and I, Liu Yuchen, have become the son of a criminal. What qualifications do I have, and how am I qualified to marry her again?”
Regardless of the fact that if the Liu family had or had not betrayed the kingdom, his father did really possess such an intention before.
Feng Tianyu was not stupid. He could tell from that war, and the Liu family would still be a past tense eventually…
No matter how Lady Liu cried and screamed, Liu Yuchen did not stop walking.
That floating figure vanished in the dark night… completely gone…
General Manor was in chaos.
Nalan Hu was standing in the dark of the night. His old face was dark as his eyes were filled with unquenchable fury.
Liu Yunxiao had died!
He died in a cruel way!
His body was not left with even a piece of skin intact.
Not only did the enraged crowd cut him with swords, but they had also used hammers to hit him and even opened their mouths to bite him . 1
Nalan Hu had destroyed Liu Yunxiao’s ability and strength before that. Therefore, Liu Yunxiao could not fight back the crowd’s anger after that.
Also, he was a man with rough and thick flesh, but then the crowd still bit a large piece of flesh off of him, it was obvious that the crowd was really mad.
Liu Yunxiao’s death still did not appease the anger inside his heart.
He was still angry with the four kingdoms from the mainland, and also… the powerhouse who was behind all these!
“How’s the palace now?” He asked in a deep voice.
The three great families were standing behind Nalan Hu. They were quietly staring at the old man’s back, which seemed like quite a lonely figure.
“The palace is safe and sound now. Also, Liu Rong and Feng Rushuang have been sent here. I plan to push them into the street right away, so they could be tortured to appease the crowds’ anger,” Qin Feiyang sighed and said.
Nalan Hu’s face finally looked a little better. Then, he turned to look at another old man and said, “Yup, that’s quite a good way. Wei Fang, Yi’er has told me what had happened before, you should really take a look and manage your family well. Don’t let them… ruin your whole brilliant life!”
Wei Fang seemed to have grown a dozen years older at that moment.
His back was crooked, and he could never look glorious like a teenager again.
“Old General, I understand!” He slowly closed his eyes. Then, he suddenly opened them, flashing with a firm and resolute light.
Back then, he had suffered so many difficulties and pains, but he had never thought of betraying the kingdom.