The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 436 - Go and Fetch Nalan Yan from the Tang Family VIII

Chapter 436: Go and Fetch Nalan Yan from the Tang Family VIII
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Because he understood that even if he died within the enemies’ barracks, the old general… and other people from the Liu Yun Kingdom would avenge him.
So what was the big deal dying?
He had been faithful for his whole life. However, his son… not only did he betray the kingdom, but he also scolded his father in front of the crowd in order to survive!
Such a man was not qualified to become the Wei family’s son!
“Wei Fang.” Qin Feiyang frowned discontentedly. “Tell me, why did you get a concubine back then? We were charging forward, but those women were messing around in the back. It’s better to have only one wife, simple and nice.”
Wei Fang lowered his head in shame.
“Indeed, it’s my fault regarding this matter… I shouldn’t have listened to Mother in getting a concubine.”
Qin Feiyang could not bear saying anything more while looking at his reaction. He tapped on his shoulder and said, “You don’t need to listen to every senior. Look at that eighty-something old lady in your house, who didn’t enjoy her life with her family but was making a fuss every day. Now, you should take this as a lesson and take good care of your own backyard 1 .”
He paused for a while before continued.
“We, of three great families, follow the pace of the old general. If our family’s reputation is tarnished, the old general will be disgraced with us as well.
Wei Fang could ignore all the other things, but the thing he cared for most was the old general.
The admiration he experienced for the old general during his youth was enough to influence his whole life as he had decided to follow in the old general’s footsteps for the rest of his life, without any hesitation.
“Old General, don’t worry. I will expel them from the family once I’m back!” Wei Fang had turned totally heartless now. “From now on, Wei Xiang and Wei Mengjie will not be members of the Wei family anymore! If the old lady wishes to live her late-life peacefully, I will take care of her until she passes away. If she doesn’t, I will send her to Qiu Shan’s second courtyard 1 and never let her return to the imperial city anymore!”
Qin Feiyang smirked. “No, your house old lady won’t sit back. I think it’s better off sending her away, just in case she brings more trouble to you.”
Wei Fang sighed deeply. He knew that all that Qin Feiyang had mentioned was the truth.
“If that’s the case, I can only send her away. Even if she was sent to Qiu Shan’s second courtyard, the condition over there is only a little poorer, and she will not be badly treated. All of this is better than letting her make trouble in the imperial city.”
After all those years, he should give Pinyao an explanation!
“Wei Fang, back then… I tried to stop you when you were getting a new concubine, but then your mom was crying, screaming, and threatening me with death. Also, you’re a filial son, and I decided to not butt in on your private business anymore,” Nalan Hu spoke up as well. He never sounded that solemn before. “However, today, you reap what you have sowed!”
Why should he suddenly take a concubine? Yes, he had a son with her then, but the son had disgraced him.
Did he not ask for it?
The Nalan family held onto the principle of getting only one wife, and Qin Feiyang was influenced by that principle too. He never had any concubine before. However, that Wei Fang… was too obedient.
If someone is over-obedient, then that makes them stupid!
“Therefore, don’t let the people of the Wei family tarnish your family’s reputation!” Nalan Hu said coldly. “Yi’er is from the Qin family, and Pinyao is her sister-in-law. Therefore, I, Nalan Hu will not stand idly by on this matter. You have to give us an explanation!”
Qin Feiyang sneered. “I don’t care how Wei Mengjie is behaving in the Wei family. Pinyao is my daughter-in-law, and I will not tolerate anyone who bullies her. Tomorrow, I will go to your Wei family and watch you expel them from your house!”
Wei Fang’s heart jolted.
They had been comrades for so many years, after all. So, to what extent were these people not trusting in him?